Verychi Denina Martin limited dress
Verychi Bulgarian fashion brand

Have you ever happened to have a thought in your head that keeps on coming and coming back? To imagine how wonderful it would be if… And it strikes you again and again, but you have no idea how it could possibly happen, because it is too complicated, distant and incomprehensible. And one day it just turns into a reality!

It happened to me. A year ago I started thinking how much I would love to design and create a garment. To figure out how the magic happens. To put my heart and soul into it and make it real. Until Verychi invited me to do it about 2 months ago. Without knowing for how long I have been dreaming about it. :)

Here it is – my dress. It is real. I designed and created it together with Verychi. The dress is part of our first collaboration VerychixDeninaMartin and today I’m sharing all you need to know about my dress. It is already available to shop online with worldwide shipping. 

Verychi Denina Martin yellow print dress
Verychi Denina Martin shirt dress 2018


When I started thinking about how my dress should look, I knew I wanted a universal, eternal and classic model. One that wouldn’t go out of fashion and that looks good on different body types. That’s why I chose one of my most favorite models – the shirt-dress.

Verychi-Denina Martin sezane style
Denina Martin yellow tencel dress tory burch


I looked for a beautiful print on a light and quality fabric. Together with Verychi we picked one of the finest fabrics at the moment – lyocell. The fiber is derived from wood pulp, and it’s organic and biodegradable. Lyocell is a soft and airy fabric that does not crumble in comparison to cotton and is easy to maintain. It is equally stable in both dry and wet conditions, unlike viscose, for example. And it’s one of the expensive and really good fabrics on the market.

Verychi Denina Martin рокля
Denina-Martin tencel yellow dress


I wanted my dress to reflect me and my vision for colors. I picked two of my favorite colors – yellow and blue, because I love them both, especially in the shades featured here.

Verychi Denina Martin limited collection
Verychi Denina Martin blue dress


A detail I insisted on was to have belt which is no way attached or looped to the dress. In this way, each one of you who chooses to wear my dress will be able to to tie up the belt as it fits best with her figure. The buttons are another detail that I paid special attention to. As a matter of fact, it took me considerably more time and effort to choose them than the fabric itself, but that’s because I believe in the power of small details. :)

Verychi blue tencel printed dress


My dress comes in sizes from XS to XL. The size I wear in the photos is S, and my height is 164cm.

Verychi blue dress
Denina Martin blue printed dress


The dress is a limited edition, because I want to make you feel it as special as I feel it myself. I want each of you who chooses to wear it, to feel special herself. So, once it’s gone, it’s gone. If we run out of stock, we will not be releasing any more pieces in neither of the two colors.

Sezane style Denina Martin blue dress
Verychi Denina Martin blue details


My goal was to create a dress that you will not find on the high street. A dress featuring an intriguing print in a nice color and a quality fabric, but with a classic and eternal cut. A dress that is extremely feminine, but not exposing too much skin. One that makes you feel beautiful, concealing the small flaws and giving you the extra confidence you need. And do you know what the outcome was?

Exactly that type of dress, created with so much love. ♥

VerychixDenina Martin

Yellow Dress Look: 

Dress – VerychixDeninaMartin

Shoes – Ingiliz

Bag – Tory Burch

Watch – Jacques Lemans

Sunglasses – подобни

Blue Dress Look:

Dress – VerychixDeninaMartin

Shoes – Ingiliz

Bag – Tory Burch

Watch – Jacques Lemans

Sunglasses – Mango

Hope you would appreciate and enjoy my first ever garment creation. It wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for the great opportunity Verychi have given me and the immense support I have received from Ron. Thank you all so much! ♥


Denina ♥



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