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In the light of this work from home situation, I wanted to share with you a few morning rituals to make your day productive. I have tried these throughout the years and whenever I manage to stick to them, it does make me more productive. Don’t fool yourself that I follow these strictly every single day step by step, but I give my best because those habits do make a difference!

Prepare a To-do list 

Having a clear idea on your tasks by making a list from the night before is the best organizational tip. It would take you just a couple of minutes to write down a to-do list before going to bed, but will save you a lot of hassle the next day.

Wake up early

My most productive days are those that start early. I know many will say they are not into early wakeup, but studies have found out that most successful people actually wake up early. I have personally seen the difference for myself when waking up before 7 a.m. – ideally at 6 a.m.

Don’t rush 

Stretch take a moment to have deep breath. One thing I often skip but it is so precious! Enjoy your first cup of coffee, add good music to it for a mood lift. Whatever makes you feel good, do it and enjoy it before everyone is awake. If there’s anyone to bother you, of course.

Engage in a sports activity

My best and most productive days are when I manage to wake up early and do my training first thing in the morning. It’s better than coffee and keeps me energised throughout the day.

Give yourself time for your beauty routine

In this stay-at-home era, I’m not very persistent when it comes to this step in comparison to my night regimen. But whenever I take care of myself, I feel better and overall more confident.

Don’t skip breakfast

I do skip breakfast sometimes, being overwhelmed by the many things piling on my to-do list, but I changed my perspective on breakfast. It makes such a difference on my energy levels throughout the day! Which means I get more productive.

Do you have specific morning rituals that make your day more productive?


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