Forever-21-Navy-Duster-Coat-Kate-Spade-Bag-FreyWille-Scarf-Denina-Martin-8 Forever-21-Navy-Duster-Coat-Kate-Spade-Bag-FreyWille-Scarf-Denina-Martin-5

Looking fashionable and stylish doesn’t need to involve huge numbers anymore, and we are all well aware of that. In the world of fast fashion one can really look fantastic without having to rely solely on high-end brands. However, the number one trick for achieving the perfect stylish outfit on a budget is actually the mix. Today I’m giving you an outfit inspiration where I’m mixing High Street and High End.

Mixing High-End brands a.k.a. designer brands, with High-Street brands, the popular and affordable ones, used to be a tabu in the fashion circles. But things have shifted. In an economical and societal context, the world itself has turned into an incredible mix. More strongly than ever, cultures have started fusing with one another. Inevitably, this has impacted the fashion world, too, and mixing High Street and High End is no longer a tabu. In fact, it has become a treasured approach to styling, often used by A-listers like Olivia Palermo and Kendal Jenner.

However, the biggest advantage of mixing designer and fast fashion pieces, is that being stylish and trendy costs cheaper. You can invest in a quality Kate Spade bag, which would last a decade, and style it with a £30 Forever 21 duster coat, while still looking incredible. Will anyone question your outfit? I doubt so.

In days when High-End brands tie up with High-Street brands for massively popular collaborations, the question no longer is whether you should mix cheap with expensive. The question is how you would do it. Yet, whatever label combos you go for, at the end of the day, it’s all about the inner sense of style. Labels wouldn’t speak for you. You should express yourself through combinations of styles, fabrics, colors and patterns, not brands and designers.

Forever-21-Navy-Duster-Coat-Kate-Spade-Bag-FreyWille-Scarf-Denina-Martin-1 Forever-21-Navy-Duster-Coat-Kate-Spade-Bag-FreyWille-Scarf-Denina-Martin-2 Forever-21-Navy-Duster-Coat-Kate-Spade-Bag-FreyWille-Scarf-Denina-Martin-11Forever-21-Navy-Duster-Coat-Kate-Spade-Bag-FreyWille-Scarf-Denina-Martin-9 Forever-21-Navy-Duster-Coat-Kate-Spade-Bag-FreyWille-Scarf-Denina-Martin-7 Forever-21-Navy-Duster-Coat-Kate-Spade-Bag-FreyWille-Scarf-Denina-Martin-10

FOREVER 21 Navy Coat / KATE SPADE Bag / FOREVER 21 Bracelet / FREYWILLE Silk Scarf / ZARA Heeled Shoes

P.S.: If you have missed it, you can check out the previous post featuring Forever 21 here. 10 days left till the store opening here in Sofia on 02 April at 10:00 a.m.! 

What do you think about mixing High Street and High End? Are using this approach to fashion and styling yourself? 


Denina ♥

*In partnership with Forever 21

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