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Driving Mercedes-benz glc AMG autumn style poster

They say driving a Mercedes Benz will lower your heart rate five beats per minute, and thus will make you live longer. I don’t know if this is true, but I quite believe in the comfort and tranquility it brings. These cars are impressively silent.

Last week Ron, Alex and I took a one-day trip with the latest model from the Mercedes Benz family – GLC Coupé. Our plan was to enjoy this autumn day along the mountain roads, and eventually reach our final destination Chateau Copsa.

We took an immense delight while driving the car, enjoying the beauty of the season. The day was so calm and we kept on pulling over in order to take time and breathe fresh air – something we do miss in Sofia. Alex was still and relaxed – very untypical for him. Maybe he was enjoying the trip even more.

Soon we reached our final destination, where we had lunch. Consequently, we went upstairs at the lounging area of Chateau Copsa to enjoy the mountain view and relax. Being born so close to the mountain, I always feel so relieved and relaxed close to it. However, the time to go back came quickly, and we jumped on the GLC class to enjoy another dose of luxury travel experience. Interestingly, at the end of the day we barely felt tired. In fact, we felt charged. And that was the point of the whole trip – to turn a casual day into a whole experience. All this thanks to Balkan Star.

Note: Ron, who was our driver, consumed no wine or other alcohol baverages during our lunch at Chateau Copsa. 

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If you had the chance to do a one-day trip with Mercedes Benz GLC Coupé today, where would you go? 


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