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Winter isn’t much favorable when it comes to doing different things, but it doesn’t mean we should hibernate either. In fact, it might be a good opportunity to be more proactive and come up with different activities. Like going to the museum. I’m sorry to admit it, but the last time I visited the National Art Gallery was in 2014. A long time ago, as you can assume.

This week Ron and I decided to make a visit. In fact, there was a particular reason. We are looking for inspiration. I’m in the process of convincing Ron to paint a canvas for our living room. Actually, he has agreed already, but still hasn’t started doing anything about it. So, I thought it be good to strategically take him somewhere artistic.

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There was an ongoing exhibition – the private collection of Boyan Radev at the National Art Gallery – the Palace. To be honest, the works in this collection are not in the typical style that I like. For me, art should be up-lifting. Bright. Colorful. Positive. I am not into works that portray darkness. However, there were some good ones, but generally not my type.

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However, another ongoing exhibition at the Palace is Oda Jaune’s HEARTLAND. It is very abstract. Sometimes scandalous. But it’s surrealism mixed with expressionism, and a pinch of french influence maybe, so freedom of expression is above all – quite understandably. Interestingly, I later found out that Oda Jaune is a pseudonym, behind which stands the Bulgarian artist Michaela Danovska. Quite inspiring! However, one thing I need to admit – Oda Jaune sense of using and mixing color is excellent. At least to my tastes. My favorite paintings were those featuring the enormous flames. More about the exhibit here.

Now I’m hoping that Ron may feel the inspiration to create his own piece of artwork soon, so we can hang it in our living room.

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The skirt, blouse, knit cardigan & hat I’m wearing here are from the Motivi store at Bulgaria Mall.


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*In collaboration with Bulgaria Mall.



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