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There is hardly anyone who has not seen the iconic silhouette of white hair tied in a low pony, black sunglasses and a tie. This silhouette has become the trademark of Chanel’s legendary designer and long-time creative director, Karl Lagerfeld. Well, Karl definitely left a lasting footprint in the fashion industry, but now he’s decided to leave one in the beauty industry, too. For the first time Lagerfeld launches his own limited edition makeup products in collaboration with the Australian brand ModelCo. The collection is called “Kiss Me Karl” and is channeling the theme of “Illuminated Beauty”. It has not been tested on animals and products of it can be found at Douglas, Bulgaria Mall.

That same silhouette is at the heart of “Kiss Me Karl” and the packaging itself, making it extremely distinctive. At first, when I saw it, I was … impressed. I cannot say surprised, because everything is in the typical style of Lagerfeld. However, the general feeling of the collection I initially had was of a truly modern, youthful and even rebellious spirit. Style which is not particularly representative of me. But there is a popular saying, and it states that one should never judge by the packaging. :)

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Karl Lagerfeld Model co
Karl Lagerfeld Model co illuminizer

The products themselves have proved to have very good formulas, featuring very nice shades. Not rebellious at all. On the contrary – delicate and very wearable. The highlighters left me with a particularly good impression, looking natural and allowing overlay for those who like it. There is also a liquid luminizer, which looks even more natural on the skin. I also loved the long-lasting liquid liner because it is very easy to use and is particularly good for a thin eye contour. What is special about it is that it also features a beauty stamp – either with Karl’s face or with the face of his cat Choupette. I personally will never use it, but for Alexander it was quite funny to stamp his hands.

Karl Lagerfeld Highlighter
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Karl Lagerfeld lip gloss

The lip glosses feature a mirror and have a built-in LED light to make application easy in the dark. Keep in mind that the light significantly changes the way the color looks while applying it. So, my advice is do not judge for the shade before putting the applicator away.

Karl Lagerfeld Cat stamp
Karl Lagerfeld eye liner
Beauty blogger Karl Lagerfeld

The products I used for this make-up look: 

Liquid Luminizer – Nude Pink

Intense Black Volumizing Mascara 

Luxe Highlight & Glow – Bronze 

Luxe Highlight & Glow – Opal for contour

Long-Lasting Liquid Liner + Choupette Beauty Stamp

Lip Lights Gloss – Karl 7 

Do you like the limited make-up collection Karl Lagerfeld x ModelCo? Is there a specific product that caught your eye?


Denina ♥

*Products from the makeup collaboration Karl Lagerfeld x ModelCo can be found at Douglas, Bulgaria Mall. In collaboration with Douglas & Bulgaria Mall.




I loved your collection its good color choice and you very beautiful on this outfits i love you picture which you uploaded and and very rich content its very good kit for girls .=


an interesting collaboration! I really like the Nude lip illuminator!

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