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Philips powerpro aqua

I’ll start up straight. I do not like vacuum cleaners. Well, I do not like the ones I literally pull behind me and stumble over at every turn. That’s why we have always had a stick-type of vacuum cleaners. They are more compact and do not get me tangled in extensions. But I still get tangled in their cables. And it’s never enough for me to reach the place I want to clean. But life with a child without a vacuum cleaner is unthinkable. Biscuits… Crumbs… Small pieces of plasticine… Small piece of paper… And my long hairs not to be underestimated, too…

After we finished our living room refurbishment, we promised ourselves we would try to maintain everyday cleanliness at home really constant. Especially with this white carpet and the white chairs… Luckily, Philips got us covered by surprising our household with a new and a really impressive assistant. It’s called PowerPro Aqua and is a vertical cordless vacuum cleaner. My question is – where has it been until now?

I’m literally impressed. This appliance is an extremely convenient means for keeping the everyday cleanliness at home. I put the PowerPro Aqua on the charger for the night and I have 40 minutes to work with it on the next day. And as I like to say – I do not have to deal with cables. :)

It also vacuum-cleans everything from the carpet. In-depth. Even my long hair. This is due to a special vacuum technology and moving brushes. It does require a little more power in movements when cleaning the carpet, but it is worth the efficiency. I can boldly say I have a vacuum cleaner Miele and it definitely does not take care of the hair so well. And Philips has a special PowerCyclone technology that effectively splits dust away from the air and actually makes the cleaning process more efficient.

Проект моя дом Домко
Philips powerpro cleaner
Philips cleaner details
Domko home project

Here comes the other major plus. The vacuum cleaner does not require any bags. It has a container that is easy to clean and wash. I see plenty of pros here. 1.) If something gets sucked in (like a Lego particle, for instance), I find it very easy in the containers. 2.) Not using disposable bags is kind to the environment. 3.) I see in real time how effective in cleaning the vacuum cleaner is.

And because it’s 3 in 1, PowerPro Aqua can wash as well. There is an attachment that turns it into a dust mop, and can be used with or without a detergent.

But that’s not all. The main part of the vacuum cleaner separates from the stick and becomes compact and mobile. I use it for the chairs, the sofa and the hard-to-reach corners. And Ron’s eyes literally got lit when he realized he could use it for the car, too.

Detail cleaning with philips powerpro

And last but not least – PowerPro Aqua is surprisingly light and compact. I do not know how Philips achieved it, but it makes cleaning much easier and not so tiresome. Not to mention that now Alexander has begun to help me with cleaning. Even sometimes it would end up in quarrels because he would not let me clean up the house in peace. :)

keeping my floor cleaner
Philips powerpro aqua cleaner

Thank you Philips for making the cleaning so easy and enjoyable!


Denina ♥

*This post features a partnership with Philips. All opinions are mine and absolutely sincere.