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Have you ever thought what stops you from reaching your full potential?

Women from all over the world were asked this question by Activia, including me. I was challanged to share how I live #InSync being a mother, a wife and a blogger. 

But first what does #InSync mean?

Would it mean to be in sync with your inner self? With people around you? For me this means to be in harmony with myself, to feel my own rythm, to be happy and satisfied from my own achievements. There are many and individual factors that determine this happiness. That’s why I am sharing what makes me live #InSync and what takes me out from this balance state. 

My harmony.

I deeply believe when a person lives in harmony with his inner self, they are in harmony with the rest of the world. Then good things happen easily. This inner balance comes from loving ourselves and refusing to be so much self-critical. The path to my harmony is being in peace with my flaws, because they are part of who I am. I constantly keep reminding myself that this obsession with being perfect makes me no happier.  Hence, it debalances my focus, hindering my potential to achieve more.

Just a few years back I was suffering from lower self-esteem, undervaluing my qualities. Before I got pregnant I was much more self-critical and insecure, which was interfering with my performance. I would re-read and re-write an e-mail ten times before pressing “send”. I was afraid to pick up the phone and talk to a stranger because I might make a mistake and say something wrong. In my first year at univerity I didn’t make the best I could, because I thought everyone else was better than me and would constantly criticize myself about this. Luckily, I realized I was wrong. Looking back, I see those weaknesses and mistakes, and I am glad to have overcome them. Motherhood and the blog (which came at the same time) helped me uproot these insecurities and believe in myself. They proved me I can do great even beyond the limits I place. I learnt to neglect those insecurities and then it all came on its place. I learnt how to live #InSync and be much happier.

What stops me from living #InSync?

The lack of self-love and the constant striving to be perfect, what I am not and will never be. Nevertheless, I still get those moments sometimes. For instance, when we go out on a photoshoot and I lack self-confidence. It just doesn’t go right. I can’t do the work as good or I am very critical about it. And why is this needed? Why being so much self-critical about insignificant matters? The most crucial thing in moments like these is to keep reminding ourselves we can and not to expect the absolute maximum at all costs. We are, we truly are wonderful. No need to be perfect. 

And yet…

I wouldn’t say the lack of all self-criticism is a plus. Rather, I believe a healthy dose of realistic self-criticism can serve as an internal compass guiding us to achieve our goals. And here comes another key word to keep note of – realistic. Self-love is key, but so is perceiving things realistically. This would help us live #InSync not just with our inner selves, but also with the surrounding world.  

The truth is most problems come from within.

As persian poet Rumi has said “If you wish to shine like day, burn up the night of self- existence.” If you want to live in harmony, burn up the insecurities and love yourself. Give yourself a chance to feel your own rhythm and live here and now. To not loose time and energy in negative emotions and self-criticism, but rather to let ourselves flourish – happy with who we are. 

If you are interested how much #InSync you live, come and take this quiz. I found out I am on the right track, but still have a lot to work on. Feel free to share your thoughts and results. Looking forward to hearing from you. :)


Denina ♥

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