Life&Style October

Welcome for another episode of Life&Style – this time exploring my October favourites. Starting with outfits, going through food & taste, home decor, beauty up until book that feels absolutely comforting, especially in times when you are feeling down. Scroll down to discover my October favourites.

  1. Zigzag Shirt with Poet Sleeves & Jeans in Indigo Colour – This is one of my most worn outfit combinations at the moment. Whenever I am in a hurry, I put on these and I know I look chic while feeling comfortable.
  2. Heels in Tan Color – This is such a beautiful and timeless shoe find. It is produced in Bulgaria and looks amazing when worn. I still haven’t been out with those shoes, but can’t wait to.
  3. Vegan Desserts by Raw&More – I am addicted to those! They have two locations in Sofia and they did the catering for our Denina Mártin Collection event. It is where healthy meets exquisite taste.
  4. Pampas for Fall decor – I love these decorations for Fall. It’s the most stylish way to invite Fall into your space. Very elegant-looking and long-lasting as a matter of fact. I’ve had a pampas decoration at home for 3 years now!
  5. Leather gloves – Gloves in all their forms and shapes are very trendy at the moment. And it’s a good investment.
  6. Sweater with flared sleeves – Apparently, I have a thing for flared sleeves this season.
  7. ALQVIMIA EXPERIENCE KIT – I recently shared on Instagram about this brand. They make natural products based on exquisite and quality natural ingredients. It’s a whole aromatherapy experience using them.
  8. Biologique Recherche Collagène Originel – The latest and revolutionary discovery for Biologique Recherche – the type-0 Collagen which is the mother of all collagens. They created this serum to boost the natural production of collagen and have proved excellent results in efficacy.
  9. The Comfort Book by Matt Haig – This is a quick read but can be very helpful when you are feeling down. It consists of different thoughts belonging to the author that he has been accumulating over the years. It is very on point as he has suffered from depression and shares his own experience as well.
  10. Hermés Cavalcades Scarf – I recently shared on Instagram about my beautiful find – a vintage Hermés scarf. I think this is a really good investment piece, and you can buy a new one or search vintage resellers or retailers like Vestiaire Collective, The Real Real, Etsy and more.