January – too unexpectedly for me – went by quickly. However, my goal was to have as mindful January as possible. To enjoy the calmness of this month, because after December, that’s what I need the most. I went yoga, I went walking and listening to different podcasts, I read a book about nutrition and children, and started drinking more tea and less coffee, and more. Discover all the details below in the first for the year Life&Style post.

  1. Healthier children – Magi Pashova – This book has been on my desk for two months but it wasn’t until January that I found time to read it, because it really needs attention. Magi is a wonderful person and this is her 3rd book. She has two, which I was reading and have helped me a lot. One, for nutrition while pregnant, and one covering nutrition of babies up to 1 year of age. What I love about her writing style is that she’ll never make you feel guilty for not doing things right. She’ll never give pressure. She’ll never insist on musts. She just gives guidance and important information on nutrition, plus some easy recipes. Which is great for anyone on the rush, who wants to feed their children well. I recommend all of her books.
  2. Braun hair removal – I have one of these tools at home and I love it. After this second pregnancy – funny enough – my moustache grew a bit on just the one side. So, I had to take measure. My mom banned me from using strips because she believes they will give me wrinkles in the long term. And I trust my mom. Maybe this is something you should consider, too.
  3. DryMove™ Seamless Sports top
  4. DryMove™ Seamless Sports tights
  5. Biokiss Regenerating balm for lips – This product makes miracles for my lips. I apply it both day and night. And going to bed with this product on my lips results in waking up with beautiful, soft and plump lips.
  6. Nike Socks Everyday Essential
  7. Nike Court Vision Alta – I got these at the very beginning of the year and still haven’t worn them, but I like that they look different to the typical white sneaker and give extra height.
  8. Case for Airpods, Blue
  9. Apple AirPods 2 – My partner in listening podcasts.
  10. Ancient Apocalypse – On one of the walks I randomly selected an episode on The Joe Rogan Experience. It was a long talk with Graham Hancock, who is the creator of Ancient Apocalypse. I enjoyed his theories about archeology and our existence so much that I went to watch Ancient Apocalypse. Graham Hancock is controversial and rejected by scientists because his theories debunk their own theories. He believes civilisations existed way-way longer (over 12 000 years ago) than the scientists claim (around 6 000 years ago). I absolutely recommend listening to the podcast and watching Ancient apocalypse, because it will give you a different perspective and food for thought!
  11. YogiTea Natural Balance Shiitake tea – Both teas are great. I tested them now for the first time but this one has a more unexpected taste, which I surprisingly enjoyed a lot. Also, shiitake mushrooms have many health benefits, which makes it a even better choice.
  12. YogiTea Ginger Orange with Vanilla
  13. Porcelain cup