Tis the season of feeling special. I am already feeling the festive spirits. In fact, we just decorated the Christmas tree at home, because who doesn’t need a bit of a holiday magic. :)

Today I am back with the Life&Style series for a feeling special November. This month you will discover a few things I am enjoying – like the Denina Mártin Collection dress & bow in this tempting red. The blink-blink heels I recently got and make me feel special when wearing them. The mystery Netflix series I enjoyed so much and more. For more insights – read below.

  1. Red dress with a bow – You know Christmas is near by the clothes you feel like wearing. And this dress gives me all the “feeling special” vibes I need.
  2. Red hair bow clip – And those little details that make you feel special also matter. :)
  3. Pumps with chain detail – I got those shoes earlier this month and they turned out to be a great choice. I love the sparkling ankle detail which can be dropped or even replaces if you wish.
  4. Chiara Canotti Bag – For those blink-blink moments.
  5. Napkin rings – I am reusing my old Christmas decorations for yet another year, but I am so looking forward to adding a couple of new details to the festive table.
  6. Thin bracelet in brass with gold – I got this gorgeous bracelet from a friend for my 30th birthday this month. I adore it.
  7. Snapshot Camera Fujifilm Instax – Another friend of mine brought an instant camera to my birthday dinner and we took some great instant photos. I have been thinking about getting such a camera and now I’m having my eye on this one in particular.
  8. Nespresso X Pierre Hermé Advent Calendar – One of the prettiest advent calendars. To be honest – I couldn’t wait till 1.12 to start opening it but I don’t regret it. I am enjoying every bit of it with my morning coffee. :)
  9. MAX FACTOR foundation – A recent discovery of mine is the Facefinity Longlasting Performance foundation. Turned out to feel great on my skin. It doesn’t clog the pores and is a good choice on a budget.
  10. The Watcher – Okay. I loved this one. It is based on a true story with some plot twists added of course, but it is so well made on so many levels. The story line is about a married couple moving into their dream home are threatened by terrifying letters from a stalker, signed – “The Watcher.” And even though the real life family that experienced this still doesn’t know who the Watcher was, I am certainly hoping for a sequel of the series.