April went by way too quickly with Easter and the pop-up even we had at Bulgaria Mall for Denina Mártin Collection. So quickly, I had no time to do April’s favourites for the traditional Life&Style. But here they are – all the things I love, wear and was impressed by in April.

  1. MONIQUE linen-blend dress – We recently released our summer collection and since the day we made this dress, I’ve been longing to wear it. That’s how muchI love it!
  2. Gold jewelry with diamonds Efirgems – I recently visited the first pop up event of Efir gems – an independent jewelry brand which also offer made-to-order services. The jewelries were truly mesmerising. If you are looking for something truly special, go have a look.
  3. Prada Paradoxe – Recently tried this fragrance and I really like that it’s refillable and thus more sustainable.
  4. Douglas Lip Volumizing Gloss – I bought this lip gloss two weeks ago and haven’t stopped wearing it daily ever since. It has this minty volumizing feel on the lips and the sparkles are so subtle and nice that I absolutely recommend it.
  5. Furla bag – I think this bag style is very hot at the moment as seen on many It girls.
  6. Steve Madden shoes – available in all the dreamy colours. I have a soft spot for shoes I guess.
  7. Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette – My go-to palette these days.
  8. 2-pack hair claws – I’ve started enjoying and utilising this retro hair trend. :)
  9. Japanese green tea Matcha – It’s been over a month without coffee for me and I decided to give matcha a try. I bought one from DM. It’s in a tin and I couldn’t find it online but it’s available in-store. I’m still surprised I enjoy it, but it gives me so much energy. It still has caffeine in it but not as much and has some added health benefits, so I will be drinking it until I can and feel like it.
  10. Roll-on deodorant Invisible – Tried this aluminium-free deodorant and it works for everyday purposes. Haven’t tested it for intense sports though.
  11. Change Your Brain Every Day by Daniel G. Amen – First, I will start by saying that @doc_amen is worth following on IG & TikTok. He’s a Psychiatrist who changes peoples’ brains and lives. He’s the psychiatrist of celebrities like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus & Bella Hadid. He speaks a lot about brain health and health in general. Very useful information on his social channels backed up with explanations and research. I would also very much recommend to listen to the episode featuring him on the Diary of a CEO podcast. You can listen to it for free on Spotify. I was so inspired that I asked my friend to bring me his new book from the USA and can’t wait to start reading it.