For a long time I have wanted to start a rubric with things that impress me and that I like at the moment. My busy daily life and the kids do not help much, but nevertheless, I decided I’m going to do it. I am launching Life & Style – a rubric in which I will regularly share a selection of things that I like, use and impress me at the moment – not just on topics like fashion and beauty, but also home and lifestyle. The first episode is inspired by the month of love, of course.

Red is the color of passion and love. Over the years I was quite reserved when it came to having it in my wardrobe. But with the approaching 2022 something in me changed, and I started craving reds more and more. I even celebrated New Year’s Eve in a red dress. However, it also appears that this colour will be among the trends this year. Perfect timing, as they say. :) Here are a few red finds I love and a bunch of things that recently caught my eye.

  1. Red blouse
  2. Pandora charm – I really like this charm, and the best part is it can be worn as a necklace pendant.
  3. Necklace Denina Mártin Collection – This February we had a mini collection inspired by SELF LOVE. This necklace is part of it and is a great find because it is made of SWAROVSKI pearls and can be worn as a bracelet, too.
  4. Saint Laurent bag – There are colours that are always relevant. There are also bags that are both classy and classic. This bag is all in one.
  5. Face mask Biologique Recherche – VIP O2 – In the winter months air pollution gets even worse and the skin suffers. That’s why I use this mask, which neutralizes air contaminants and prevents them from reaching skin cells, eliminating cellular waste.
  6. Interior design is my great passion. Last week I watched a video from NBA star Devin Booker’s house on @archdigest – a profile that offers a lot of interior inspiration and I highly recommend it.
  7. Red dress
  8. Hair clip – because these are so 90s and so trendy.
  9. Teak and Rattan Armchair – I love this type of wood for interiors. Wish I had a home interior project at the moment.
  10. A few days ago I listened to this TED TALK. Since then, I have changed my life philosophy, as well as my priorities, shifting them mainly towards the people I love and my relationship with them. I absolutely recommend it to you!