Bulgarian rose

Life is full of color. Color is full of life.

I saw this statement inside the Desigual store where this dress is from, and thought – how true that is! Colors are full of life, and when our life is full of color it’s so much more beautiful, vibrant and positive. And then you go out on the streets of Sofia in June and you see them full of color because all of the vibrant roses that are now everywhere. And you get that statement fully in an instant moment. Everything seems better in color. So all I want to tell you today is – make your life full of color, because color is full of life. ♥

Have a beautiful and colorful day, everyone!

the happiest near roses
Roses everywhere
Bulgarian beauty Denina Martin
Desigual and roses
Desigual dress for summer
fashion blogger
Desigual floral prints dress

Sofia square 500

Dress – Desigual at Bulgaria Mall

Bag – Coccinelle at Bulgaria Mall

Jewelries – Uno de 50 at Silver Court, Bulgaria Mall


Denina ♥

*In collaboration with Bulgaria Mall. All opinions are mine.


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