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You know me and you know how much I love being around the coast. You will not be surprised that one of the places in Málaga, which quickly became my favorite, is Puerto de Malaga and the beautiful lighthouse that rises at a height of 38 meters and marks the city landscape. La Farola is also one of the oldest lighthouses in Spain. It has been destroyed twice – once by an earthquake and once during the war, but it still stands there to guide sailors and inspire locals.

On the last day of our stay in Málaga we decided to spend our entire time by the sea. So, I put on my seacoast-inspired dress – as romantic as the La Farola itself. Unfortunately, this dress sold out fast, but it is available in other prints and as a skirt in the same print. If you would like to purchase anything from Marie Zelie’s website, you can also use a 10% discount with the DENINAMARTIN10 code.

And although this seaside adventure was a month ago, I’m excited because it reminds me that another is coming. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

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Ralph lauren crossbody bag
Malaga porto lighthouse
Bulgarian influencer
Wearing Marie Zelie dress
Ingiliz shoes and lash on top
Malaga lighthouse
Malaga porto de lighthouse

 Dress – Marie Zelie (Sold out but available as a skirt)

Sandals – Ingiliz (Also like these)

Shoes Accessories – Lash Shoe Makeover

Bag – Ralph Lauren (Budget option here)

Visor Hat – H&M (old but similar here)


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