Denina Martin retro swimwear for this summer
PARAMIDONNA luxury swimwear

Neon colors are trending again. The key question this Summer: is neon the new black? I doubt it will ever be the new black, but it surely is a great way to spice up your wardrobe and be up to date with fashion trends now.

Neon first came into fashion in the 80s, when it was especially popular in sportswear. You must remember aerobics instructors wearing acid yellow or bright pink. We all do! Yet in that decade neon hardly went beyond sports style. In the 90s it was another story. There were fluorescent casual jackets, skirts, shoes and glowing in the dark jewelries. This continued through the beginning of the 2000s with the fuchsia obsession. And now in 2020 neon is making a comeback, I guess as a tribute to 90s.

Truth is…

Neon shades are too bold to wear every day, and too bright to go unnoticed. It’s certainly not for anyone. Plus, it really depends on the type of fluorescent shade you are going for. Generally, fuchsia is the safest one and most women would wear it. Orange also falls in the safer category. But if you want to go bold, try some green or yellow neon. For me this green neon is a color I enjoy wearing at the beach. Summer tan & green neon is an amazingly fresh and good looking combination. :)

What’s your say on neon colors? Would you wear fluorescent shades this Summer? What shade of neon do you enjoy the most? 

Bulgarian summer 2020
My retro swimwear from Paramidonna

Swimsuit – Paramidonna

Hat – LC Waikiki (similar here & here)

Sunglasses – Versace


Denina ♥