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Day 1 Triumph shape by you

Location: Fit Smart Studio, Berlin, Germany

Last week Ron and I flew to Berlin to attend the launch event of Fit Smart Bra – the new bra technology by Triumph Lingerie. I have been a fan of the brand for quite a bit of a time, and it makes me very happy they continue to advance and create new pieces responding to women’s actual needs and expectations.

In fact, the idea of the Fit Smart Bra was born as a result of what modern women search for in a bra – comfort, flexibility, adaptability, lightness and support. The Triumph team developed an innovative technology of the pads which adapt according to bust size throughout the month. And with some women like myself it varies a lot – post- and pre- PMS. The bra also has no underwires, but still gives great support & bust shape. But it’s not just the padding that has adaptability. The lace itself has also been specially developed for that purpose, so nothing plays hard on comfort.

During the event a handful of International bloggers and myself tested the bra in different situations – including meditation and exercising. It truly is a bra to wear in all kinds of different situations.

The Fit Smart Bra comes in four sizes – from 1 to 4 based on chest size. It also comes in 4 colors – nude, blue, coral & black.

shape by you
Triumph shape by you

What do you personally look for in a bra?


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