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Using good products is important when it comes to taking care of your skin, but skin massaging is not less important. I started doing facial massages over а month ago when I started the J-skincare ritual and I can feel the difference in the way my skin looks and feels. Today I’m sharing a few precious tips on why you should include this in your skin ritual, and what rules I personally follow when performing it.

*Please, keep in mind that I am not a dermatologist. Every information in this article is a result of my personal impression and research. If you have skin health issues, please consult a dermatologist.

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Avon MissionY Skin Routine

Why facial massage is so good for you?

Improves blood circulation and flow which stimulates collagen production

 Stimulates muscles which is like a training for your face to keep it tight

Helps release tension

Helps absorption which means your skincare products penetrate better and act better

Improves oxygen flow which works great for a fresh complexion

Daily Skincare ritual Denina Martin
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What rules to follow when it comes to performing a facial massage?

Do not apply heavy pressure – only soft to mild pressure. A facial massage is different from a deep tissue massage, since the skin on your face is more sensitive.

Always have your face cleaned first.

Always have your hands cleaned, too.

Start by massaging your lymph in a downward direction. This will help drain down the lymph where toxins are stored. And toxins are no friends to young looking skin.

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Tips how to do a facial massage Avon Mission

The movements performed in all other areas of the face should have an upward and outward direction.

Start from your neck through your cheeks up around your eyes and finish with forehead.

End the massage by softly tapping with fingers all over your face.

You can also watch the video below to see how I perform my skincare ritual, and the facial massage I give myself.

How to improve the looks of your skin with massage
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Do you perform facial massages regularly? What movements and guidelines do you follow?


Denina ♥

*In collaboration with Avon. All opinions are strictly mine.