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I think the product category I have always struggled with the most is make up removers. For years I used micellar water without realizing how much it dries out my skin. I tried many that didn’t remove make up well, too. However, I recently tried this make up remover and I loved it. It’s called the Moringa Cleansing Balm with Cleansing Cloth by Emma Hardie.

The product has a balm texture and is packed with high-grade, skin-friendly and powerful ingredients harvested from the natural world. It is suitable for all types of skin including very dry like mine. And it comes with a special microfiber cloth that is used to remove the product and the make-up traces from the face, which saves on cotton pads and wet wipes. And this actually is something I really appreciate, because I have been feeling bad for all the cotton pads / wet wipes that go in disposal every night. It is much more sustainable to have a multi-use cloth that does the work.

How does the Cleansing Balm work?

Basically, I grab just a hazelnut amount of the Moringa Cleansing Balm and start massaging my face, including my eye area to remove mascara. After I massage my face well, I do another round of massage (usually with wet hands). It’s not a must-do step but I feel this makes the cleansing even better. Then with the damp microfiber cloth I start gently rubbing my face with outward strokes and see how the make up washes away.

Honestly, this is the first product that helps me remove my make up so quickly without having to repeat. My face is really clean afterwards and balanced. Neither dry, nor oily, and I do like this feel!

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Emma Hardle beauty

What about the cloth?

I think it’s a great idea to remove make-up with a cloth. It is certainly a more sustainable way as the cloth is easily washed. However, I feel one cloth is hardly enough, and it will be much better to get a pack of three, so I can be more flexible with washing them and not having to worry about that.

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More about Emma Hardie

Emma Hardie is a brand that’s absolutely new to me although it’s been around for 10 years now. The brand founder Emma Hardie is a renowned facialist and leading pioneer in natural healing and skin rejuvenation in Britain. Her skincare line prides itself on natural, cruelty-free products with integrity, avoiding skin sensitising ingredients and using natural botanicals to help skin Look Younger, Naturally. 

No Parabens, SLS, Synthetic Colours & Fragrances, Petrolatum or Mineral Oils. Full of natural power-packed botanical ingredients. And it’s not tested on animals. In fact, the products are vegan. Only this cleansing balm has bee’s wax in it.

Now I’m really eager to try the Brilliance Facial Oil because I love oils and this one seems intriguing, too!

Are there any make up removers that you’d recommend to me?


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