How i styled Vintage Christian Dior
my first Christian Dior vintage earrings

A few months ago I fell for this jewellery trend and I am becoming more and more into it. Vintage jewelleries. In fact, I don’t like associating the word “trend” with it, but it is for sure becoming more and more popular to an extent that it has turned into a trend.

Me becoming keen on vintage pieces roots from a friend who sells vintage jewelleries and is so passionate about them. Somehow she got me passionate about it, too! She helped me with sourcing those Christian Dior earrings and gave me some precious tips in general. I was looking for something to match my personal style and be in a really good condition. Which is the hardest part, because many vintage jewelleries have not been stored appropriately and as a result have unmanageable flaws. That’s why it is important to buy from sellers who source quality pieces only (like her) or the least have many and detailed photos so you can really inspect the pieces.

As I said, my first vintage piece of jewellery are those Christian Dior earrings from the early 90s. They give start to a dreamt-of collection. That’s my goal now – to start sourcing vintage jewelries for myself and build a small private collection. Which, of course, takes time and a certain investment, but makes me so happy and excited, because I have already taken the first step. And vintage jewelries hold so much more than just a brand – they hold stories. :)

If you feel like this jewellery trend is something you would love, here’s where to look for vintage jewelleries:


There’s a Vintage section on Etsy that you can search. My friend that I mentioned above is also on Etsy – TbyMallanoFinds and I recommend checking on her as she is a trusted seller and pays special attention to sourcing quality pieces. Which is so important! However, when it comes to Etsy, be careful as there are “inspired” jewelries sold there, too – which are not original ones. Also, there are repurposed ones – jacket buttons that have been turned into pendants. Which is great but you should not pay much for these! Read carefully when shopping on Etsy!

Vestiaire Collective 

I always find it so hard to pronounce the name, but they do have a vast collection of pre-owned pieces. Not only vintage but whatever you find there, be sure it’d be authentic as they always incur a tax for authenticity validation.


Under Women’s you’ll find a section called Pre-owned. There you can find a range of well-looked after vintage pieces. Usually quite pricey! If you like something, you can check the item’s location by adding it to your shopping bag. Some pieces are located in Europe which will be fine for customs and taxes, but others are outside the EU and additional charges may occur.

The Real Real 

Based in US, it is a good source and from time to time they have sales and discounts. Worth following in my opinion. You only need to figure out shipping and taxes for EU.

Susan Chaplan 

Based in the UK, and an approved source, too.


Also based in the US and offering just a small selection called What Goes Around Comes Back Around.

Local Vintage Shops

I haven’t tried that yet, but it’s a great way to source something truly unique! And maybe at a better price point.

Accounts on Instagram 

This one is tricky when it comes to validating authenticity but there’s a good chance that you follow an influencer who has gone in this business. Like Audrey Leighton Vintage – based in Spain and approved for authenticity. And Sweet & Spark which I also found on Instagram and are based in San Francisco.

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Some Vintage styles to explore