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Timberland earth ton sneakers

This season neutrals are getting all the attention. They step up to make a statement, but in such a diverse palette that they call them the new neutrals. Rich earthy shades of khaki, taupe, terra-cotta, beige and so much more are the key to your best wardrobe this season. That’s what all the experts say, and I have nothing against it.

So, how to? 

The easiest way to wear all those neutrals is mixing them with one another. It shouldn’t bother you, as it will paint a picture we all see in nature as beautiful. My personal favorite way of wearing them is with lots of whites. But white is generally my favorite base for all kind of combinations, so no need to explain further. If you want to make a step up – mix neutrals with a pop-up neon color. It looks absolutely stunning! And my personal tip is to use golden accents – would it be jewelries, bags or shoes. Gold looks so flattering on neutrals.

khaki style jacket
Wearing timberland sneakers
khaki jacket
Timberland for jogging

Khaki Jacket – H&M

White Jeans – Massimo Dutti

Bag – Le Parmentier Paris

Shoes – Timberland

Necklace – Uno de 50


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