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The new-home hassle continues. Ron and I are working on repainting and making the place feels like ours. But I realised I started paying less attention to my looks meaning I dress for 2 minutes, refresh my face for another 2, and spend 2 more on hair.  Then we are out, trying to balance work life and redecoration. After two weeks of that schedule, I realised how nice it feels to dress up again. It just made me feel so good about myself. And it made me think about how important it is to give yourself the time you need – no matter the situation, no matter how busy you are, no matter the mess around you. Because let’s be honest – home redecoration is a big mess! So, I decided I will try to wake up 15 minutes earlier. It may mean that I will sleep 15 minutes less, but I will feel an hour better! 

How do you cope with the lack of time and your needs as a woman? Do you manage to balance things out or you tend to make your appearance suffer in situations like these?

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Top – Catty, Bulgaria Mall

Skirt – Catty, Bulgaria Mall

Bag – Michael Kors, Scandal, Bulgaria Mall

Shoes – H&M


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