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Although I look like a person who is always in a good mood and smiling, I sometimes do not feel like doing it. Like everyone, I have my bad moments and difficulties. Luckily, I have found my own ways to deal with negative feelings when things do not work. Tricks which help me a lot. And since the main idea of the blog is sharing useful and inspiring posts, I decided to tell you how I stay positive during difficult times. Hope you will find this useful.

I avoid unhealthy self talk. There is nothing worse than intruding negative thoughts to yourself. If I repeat to myself how bad things are, they get worse, and I start feeling so down. I might not always succeed, but I try not to focus on negative thoughts. Instead, I put effort into focusing on the positive things.

I share. When I do not confess my anxieties, they weigh like a stone inside of me and seem to get bigger. That’s why I share my feelings with Ron, my mother or a very close friend of mine. They always lift me up.

I’m thankful, reminding myself all the great things I have, all the fantastic people I know and all the worthy experiences I’ve had. People should do this more often and appreciate life.

I look for a way to get distracted. This includes a walk outside, fresh air, some sport activities and everything refreshing which could help me escape the bad thoughts in my head.

I eat chocolate in moderation. Some chocolate or sweets can definitely put the smile back on my face. Yet, I try hard not to turn it into emotional eating. I have noticed that if I give in, the effect is exactly the opposite. That’s why I’m really trying to reward myself with just as much as to feel better.

I do something good for someone. Sometimes in difficult times I focus too much on myself, which further suppresses me. That’s why I believe doing something good for someone (even the smallest thing) not only makes me feel better about myself, but also changes my focus and gives me extra positive vibes.

And what do you do to improve your mood and stay positive?

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