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We all experience periods when our hair looks better than usual. And right the opposite. Usually, those periods have much to do with the atmospheric changes on a yearly basis a.k.a. the seasonal ones. Today I’m taking you through those periods to see how hair changes over the seasons. Because in order to keep control over it year round, you need to know how it behaves under the different seasonal circumstances and what it needs.


In Summer hair goes through many challenges. We all tend to experience hair loss during that period. From an evolutionary perspective one of the roles of hair is to provide warmth, and in Summer it is less necessary, so it makes sense, but is still something we all do not enjoy.

However, damaging UV rays that Summer has to offer in abundance have a negative impact. They can affect both natural and color-treated hair. Highlights can turn brassy. The color may fade and lose its luster. Hair breakage also becomes more likely. Plus, hair tends to become drier and frizzy. On hot but dry days it would suffer and feel as firm as straw, while on hot but humid days it may get uncontrollable because of the excessive moisture. 

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How hair changes over seasons


Autumn is milder to hair, but still has it’s challenges. Hair loss may continue. And you know, windy Autumn weather doesn’t just blow around those pretty leaves — hair gets tossed around, too. Temperatures start cooling down and it’s essential to keep hair hydrated so it’s ready for the unavoidable winter cold.


Hair gets thicker as longs as we are all healthy, not under constant stress and giving it good care. Yet, when temperatures drop, static hair, flyaways, split ends, frizz and dryness become daily problems. On one hand, your hair is battling the strong winds and cold, dry air outside. On the other hand, once you go indoors with the heater on full blast, your hair is exposed to a drastic change in temperature. Moisture is zapped from your hair, aggravating the drying effects of the winter elements and leaving you with frizzy, dehydrated hair. 


Spring is the friendliest season when it comes to hair. It’s a good period to restore strength and moisture lost in Winter, and prepare the hair for the challenges it will be facing over the Summer with hair masks and treatments. It is a great time to let your hair be more natural, without much styling. The lack of humidity won’t enhance frizz, and the air isn’t dry enough to create static, so it’s the perfect time for light and easy-breezy hair-dos.

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Beautiful strong hair with Philips

What do you notice about those hair seasonal changes? Hair does not enjoy any extremes! It does not enjoy excessive sun exposure, excessive moisture, excessive cold, excessive heat, etc. But how do we know if it’s getting excessive anything? Well, it will tell you. But it may still feel hard finding the balance of giving it just enough of everything.


Hair care products according to the season – In Summer it needs such with sun protection and deep nourishment characteristics. Also, if your hair is dyed, you might need products for dyed hair. On the other hand, in Winter  products that have anti-static and smoothing effects are very favorable. If you are not sure what products your hair needs, consult your hairdresser to help give you directions.

Moderate heat treating – In order to be healthy, shiny and hydrated, the hair needs to have a strong cuticle, which serves as a protecting barrier. However, treating it with excessive heat can damage it and hair may lose its beauty. Often it increases hair breakage chances, too. Winter in particular is a time when we have the habit of overheating our hair. And it make sense – we can’t and should not go out with wet hair. So, I recommend that you use hair care tools that actually take care of your hair. Like the Philips Moisture Protect hairdryer which I personally use. It has a built-in sensor that scans hair 30 times per second and adjusts the airflow to the needs of the hair, protecting it from getting overheated. In this way, it retains up to 85% of the natural hair hydration, and the 2300W power ensures quick results. In addition to the hair dryer, the Moisture Protect series also offers a flat iron for those who like to wear their hair straight.

Healthy diet and a good intake of vitamins and minerals. – Whatever care we take, the one coming from inside could not be replaced. Healthy hair should be maintained throughout the year with a healthy diet or by taking quality supplements.

Regular trimming. – Trimming has a very refreshing effect on hair. However, doing it once or twice per year wouldn’t really help you feel the positive effect. I would advise going for a trim at least once every season. And if you take off your tips just enough to refresh your locks, you will see your hair growing faster and stronger.

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After all, hair is one of the things that can actually give an enormous confidence boost. Take good care of yours year round and you will notice the difference in how you feel. Healthy hair, confident you.


Denina ♥

*In collaboration with Philips. All opinions are mine.