My pinterest style bedroom
Pinterest style bedroom

This year we will mark 3 years since we moved in this apartment, and it took me 2 years to finally finish my home project – the closet. I think, it is the baby that gave the final push. I had to finish it before the baby arrived. So, finally – early in 2021, I got it all done and today I give you a glimpse on it.

It took me a while to figure out the concept of the closet but eventually I was stuck with the initial design I liked on Pinterest. Pinterest did help me a lot, and I recommend everyone to spend a good amount of time there before going for an idea. It really is full of ideas and helps clear things in one’s head. For example, at first I thought I did not want doors at all. Then, I decided I do want doors as it will be tidier, but I still had doubts. Until I saw a wardrobe on Pinterest – I loved that it had a mix of both solid and glass doors, and I went for that.

Color selection, for example, is just as crucial. We took samples at home and compared to our walls and room interior until we settled with an off-white hue. Always take samples and see how it looks in the particular space, because lighting is important and in different rooms light can be different and things can look not as expected.

Finishing details are as important. On a local level, believe it or not, it is very tough to find proper door handles. Eventually, I sourced these from a local store and just asked the contractor to install them as I really insisted on this particular style.

Last but not least, is finding the interior contractor for you who will give tips and pieces of advise but will not try to push their own ideas and preferences. I think this is why it took me that long to finally initiate this project. If you are in the Sofia area, I am happy to share contact details.

Now that the closet is fully finished, I am super happy and I wonder why it took me so long to do it. But as they say, better late than never. :)

See closet video here.

My Pinterest style bedroom