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I have been sharing some of our home decor journeys on Instagram stories for some time. We’ve started what we’ve called the Home Project at the very beginning of this year with the idea to finally decorate our living room. Apart from revealing the room’s look, I will also guide you through our decision making process, and why we choose this certain path. Bear in mind that some pieces were already in the apartment when we moved in. That’s why I won’t be able to share information where they were bought from.

Home project living room with Donko


We repainted the room back in July. I strongly recommend Benjamin Moore’s paint, especially with an egg shell finish, because it’s so easily cleaned. They also have a fantastic range of good looking colors. The one we picked is Linen White –  light and creamy, it adds warmth to our walls, which we love so much.


Okay. My favorite part. There was a grey industrial-style laminate flooring in the apartment. We disliked it a lot, because it matched nothing. Neither our vision for home interior. So, our first goal was to find a replacement that would add warmth & cosiness. And we found the perfect one – the Egger herringbone laminate. Its print gives the room some sort of a vintage and classic feel. And it also adds the optical illusion of a larger space. I am so happy we went for it, instead of the conventional type of laminate.

Living room Bulgarian blogger Denina Martin
Home project livung room blogger style


Carpets are tough to maintain when it comes to cleaning, but they add so much cosiness! We went bold here, too. This time by picking a light, almost white carpet. I say bold, because when you have kids, it always poses risks. But we quite liked the pattern which contrasted the pattern of the laminate flooring. I’m very keen on this entire pattern game, as you can see. Good thing is this MIKA carpet comes at a very reasonable price, while also looking expensive.


The gloomy days are quite hard to tackle with emotionally. In winter Sofia we get those long, gray and depressing days when everything looks colorless and sad. So, we wanted to beat the winter gloominess by inserting color in our home decor. We started in late 2017, when we got our pink sofa for the apartment we were renting back then. And it made such a difference, believe it or not.

We brought the pink sofa to our new place, of course. Everyone said, you should stick to neutral or cream curtains. Yes, they would have looked very well, but I really wanted something colorful to bring in the positive emotions. So we went bold on color. We picked a plush-like fabric in a dark and deep shade of teal (also from DOMKO). Plush is still a big trend for home interiors, so if you have doubts about it – don’t. We took the measurements and they got the curtains tailor-made for us. Also we ordered a few custom-made cushions, so we can have more of the fabric around the room.

Паркет Домко the Egger herringbone laminate
Проект моя дом Домко
Domko interior ideas


Lights are so important when it comes to adding character to a room. As somebody who’s very much drawn by gold hues, I insisted on having gold touches. In the kitchen we got the prettiest ceiling lamp from DOMKO. It matched perfectly the color palette in our kitchen, especially that the ropes go great with the wooden-style walls there. For the living room we found a lovely floor lamp in gold from Ikea.

When it comes to the main part of the living room, Ron installed a ceiling fan back in July. Unfortunately, not visible on the photo. It’s not my favorite design, but Ron insisted on having it. But honestly, it was our best friend in those hot Summer days, so I started settling down with it. He ordered it on eBay.


As soon as we painted the big picture, we knew we need stylish accessories to complement the look and feel of the living room. This included cushions and a blanket throw to match the carpet and some of the furniture. Flowers, too! We got a range of synthetic ones so we can keep the fresh look year-round. My favorite ones are the white carnations in the large glass vase.

For the kitchen area we utilised this lantern as a vase (the rope goes well with the lamp). I inserted some green hydrangea flowers. Also stocked on round woven mats for the kitchen isle.

I’m still waiting for Ron to start painting, by the way! I want to have the little frames behind the sofa replaced by a large painting. But no success so far. However, I’m not giving up on insisting here!

Home project living room Domko
Domko home project


We still have some little finishing works like finding new handles and pulls for the furniture and the kitchen, etc.  But we painted the big picture of what the room looks. Hope you’ve liked it and that you now feel bolder to add more color and patterns to your home or work place!


Denina ♥

*This post features a partnership with Domko. 


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