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What do you think – can we make clothes out of food? You and I – probably not. But apparently people out there are putting a lot of effort and are successful at this venture. This year H&M Conscious Exclusive showcases a range of surprising fabrics sourced from surprising materials, once again giving voice to the idea that fashion can be sustainable and still make you feel incredibly beautiful.

Wearing H&M conscious exclusive dress
H&M conscious details

Here wearing H&M Conscious Exclusive dress made from Tencel® blend.

H&M conscious exclusive collection 2019
H&M conscious exclusive dress 2019
H&M conscious sustainable fashion
preview H&M conscious collection L

Imagine the following situation – drinking your morning orange juice and then putting on something made out of the peels? Sounds improbable, but turns out to be more than probable. I do have the honor to have already worn the #OrangeFiber and it doesn’t feel, smell or look like oranges. This beautiful off the shoulder top is anything else but a piece of waste although it has been made out of exactly 2.3 kg orange peels that would usually go to the waste.

Now imagine this – enjoying every bit of the freshly sliced pineapple while wearing a leather-like jacket made from cellulose fibres extracted from pineapple leaves? Because there is approximately 16kg of fresh pineapple leaf waste in every jacket from the 2019 H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection! The fabric is called Piñatex®.

Or let’s try to walk our imagination to those Summer months strolling the city in chic slippers made from a plant-based flexible foam using algae biomass from freshwater sources at high risk of algal bloom. The material is called BLOOM™ and is also part of the collection.  

And then could you look at your favorite sequined dress the way you look at 70 PET bottles? I doubt because the dress is way prettier, but actually consists of that amount of recycled bottles.

For me, all of these achievements are inspiring. It is amazing that the world is going in this direction. That entrepreneurs are investing their time and ideas in seeking ways to reduce waste and close the cycle. And of course, that H&M once again is giving stage to them by making sustainable fashion more accessible. All of this makes me extremely proud to be supporting the H&M Conscious Exclusive, and helping those messages reach more people.

H&M Be conscious of the surroundings
H&M conscious sustainable fashion

Wearing the H&M Conscious Exclusive “Orange top” made of Orange Fiber blend & Alabaster trousers made of Tencel® & organic linen blend.

Conscious of the surroundings

H&M Conscious Exclusive is going to be available in selected stores and online on 11.04.


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Hello, Thanks for replying :) I got the top on sale but the only size available was 34 and it’s unfortunately too small :( I’m completely obsessed with it and can’t believe I missed the collection… If you ever get tired of yours maybe you want to sell it? :D Because, well, recycling is a good thing! :D


Hello, How does the off the shouder top fit? It looks amazing on you! :) Are you wearing EU34 or EU36. I’m thinking of purchasing the top but I’m unsure of my size and you look about the same size as I am.


Hi! 36 feels great on me. :)

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