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With every year and every holiday, I always ask myself the question what sun protection will I use this time? And every time it’s different. For this holiday I took with me something I have never experimented with before. I took healthy skincare for the beach.

The products that were present in my beach bag and quickly became part of my everyday routine are the Damascena Sun Defense Lotion with Rose Water SPF 30 & the After Sun Lotion with Mint Oil. Both of them are with natural and eco-certified ingredients. That’s why I consider them healthy.

Слънце защитен лосион с розова вода
Healthy skincare from Damascena

Honestly, this is the first time I take pleasure in applying a SPF Lotion, and it’s because of its rose scent. I have been raised around roses and rose products, so they have a truly special place in my heart. The scent is so discreet that one can easily feel it’s natural. And it is very easy to spread the lotion all over the body without leaving any white traces. One thing I have always hated about SPF products.

In fact, I also have used the SPF Lotion on Alex’s skin because it’s safe to use on children over 3 years of age. And I am happy as I know I am putting a natural product on his soft and sensitive skin. The only thing I would say as a negative of the product is that it’s not waterproof, and needs to be reapplied after every swim. Maybe, I wouldn’t recommend it for those who spend all their time in the water, but I believe that all the other benefits compensate on this.

Healthy skincare products
My favorite skincare products

And after a day at the beach (and not only), comes the After Sun Lotion with Mint Oil. I’ll say it straight – if you do not enjoy the aroma of Mint, then this product is not for you. If you are like me, one who enjoys it, you should definitely check it out. At first, when I applied the lotion, I was surprised with the strong mint aroma. Very different to the one used in mass cosmetics, but it’s because it’s natural. It smelled literally like natural mint! And in a few minutes it went away leaving just a soft sense of it over the skin.

However, the product itself promises to reduce sensitivity symptoms. I believe it does, because I slightly burnt my forehead during our holiday while doing my hair with a curling iron. I had nothing to put on, so used this lotion and it calmed down my skin instantly. The burnt spot cooled down quickly. I do not say it’s a miracle lotion or a remedy, but it definitely saved me.

Damascena sun care products
After sun lotion Damascena
Denina Martin Damascena

Swimwear – Paramidonna

T-shirt – Naomi x Tom Tailor

Hat – H&M (Similar here)

Bag – Pepe Jeans London (Similar here)

Sunglasses – MrBoho

Is anyone else using only natural SPF products? Any thoughts to share on this type of healthy skincare for the beach? 


Denina ♥

*This product review is in collaboration with Damascena. All opinions are strictly mine.


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