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This isn’t my first experience with L’oreal Pro Fiber, and it won’t be the last. 

A couple of weeks ago I underwent a L’oreal Pro Fiber treatment at Mr.Snips. It’s a long-lasting recharging hair care programme for damaged hair. A programme which started in the saloоn and now I am prolonging at home. The result is shiny, soft and satin-like hair. As lovely as freshly-grown hair. If I got your attention, here’s a breakdown of all the steps along the way to having the healthy glow back.

At the hair saloon:

At 10 o’clock I was already at Mr.Snips. The first thing Villy and Monny did was to assess my hair’s damage level . They explained my hair wasn’t very damaged, but still needed a good recovery treatment because of the highlights and my frequent use of flat iron and hair dryer. They picked the RESTORE series (green packaging).

Villy washed my hair carefully and then applied the RESTORE Concentrate. She followed by using the Masque to further soften the hair cuticle, and add an intense shine and softness. Then I spent the next 20 minutes or so browsing on Instagram. After the wait was over, Villy washed my hair and Monny took over the hair dryer. The result is perceivable.

At home:

To make my soft and shiny hair keep its perfect condition, I continued using the RESTORE shampoo, hair masque and emulsion of serums. It is quite a pleasure – to be honest. They smell amazingly! On every fourth wash I use the ampules instead of the hair masque to prolong the effect of the therapy.

QUICK TIP: In addition to the three series REVIVE, RESTORE and RECOVER, this year L’oreal Professionnel released a fourth type of product series called RECREATE for thin hair. Consult your L’oreal Professionnel specialist. They will asses your hair condition and recommend the most appropriate product line. 

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Have you ever tried L’oreal Pro Fiber? What are your impressions? If you have zero experience with it and have some questions, do not hesitate to ask me.


Denina ♥

* In partnership with L’oreal Professionnel 

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