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I like to switch shampoos because my hair gets used to them. Once my shampoo is finished, I get one that focuses on another hair need. After focusing on split ends with very good long-term results, I decided to switch to а volume series. I have not used volume enhancing products for a long time and my last attempts were not very good. So, I was very curious to try the Philip Kingsley Body Building series.

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Overall, my impressions from the volume series are great. My hair is definitely more voluminous. However, results are not too tangible, as my hair is heavy and hard to stay up significantly. At the moment I would define it as being rather light and yet smooth. Typically, volume shampoos create volume, but they also make all baby hair and short hair go crazy. Hair becomes more uncontrollable. With Body Building I do not have these problems. I feel my hair light and moving without being electrified. The spray Philip Kingsley Maximizer also greatly influences the overall result, especially with a proper blow dry. My only negative experience with shampoo relates to the eye contact. It’s really irritative, so I’m very careful when washing it out.

Обем и еластичност с Philip Kingsley

But if there is one thing I should define as impressive from the Philip Kingsley range, it is the Elasticizer Geranium & Neroli. The interesting thing around this product is that it was created by Philip Kingsley himself specifically for Audrey Hepburn, who had very damaged hair and always complained of it. The idea of the product is to hydrate the hair in depth, improve its elasticity, soften and smooth without aggravating it. This has turned it into a great addition to the volume series which does not work in depth to fix these. I apply it once a week just before I have a shower and I definitely can’t complain about having a flying, dry and lifeless hair. Contrary to my expectations – it is not too aggravated. Hence, the fragrance is like a spa for the senses – a combination of orange oil, geranium, lavender and rose. I enjoy it so much!

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Philip Kinglsey – Elasticizer with Geranium and Naroli


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