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Guerlain beauty box

During the holidays we women like to make ourselves feel special. To me the ultimate pampering does not just involve a glam outfit, but also glam beauty treats. One brand that has always been on top of my list when it comes to pampering myself is Guerlain. Today I’m giving you a glimpse into my Guerlain magical box with some of my glam beauty favorites for the holidays.

Interestingly, the first high end beauty product I ever purchased was a Guerlain foundation. The second one was the Terracotta Light powder for a healthy glow. Third one was an Estee Lauder lipstick, and fourth one was the Maxi Lash So Volume mascara  again Guerlain’s. Why am I telling you this? To paint the picture that Guerlain is one of my most favorite beauty brands, because it really is.

However, back then this was just the beginning of my love relationship with Guerlain. Today, I’m happy to have tried and used a wider range of products. The latest product I discovered this December and one of my glam beauty favorites for the holidays is the Radiance Concentrate with pure gold L’or which is a hydrating base with 24-carat gold flakes. It smells beautifully and gives the skin a very smooth feeling. It’s not a product you can’t live without, but certainly is one to pamper yourself with (or why not somebody else). And my skin feels very soft!

Guerlain new years fav
Guerlain favorite beauty product

I have also expanded my Rouge G collection. I got my first one this Spring in a timeless red lip color with a leather mirror case (sold separately), and I have had this little jewel in my bag every single day since then. I just tap it over my lips for a fresh and healthy look during the day or apply fully for a more expressive look – it’s always there with me. Now, a new shade and a new case were added to my collection. A tempting blue case with a discrete nude lip color inside. As much as I enjoy statement lips, I have started enjoying the natural look of a good neutral lip. It appears more grown-up to me.

Beautiful blogger Denina Martin
Guerlain favorite products

Last but not least – the fragrance. I know I said that I’m obsessed with Mon Guerlain Eau de Toilette earlier in November, but I now have a new crush. Shalimar Souffle de Parfum. It’s a more intense fragrance and is a perfect pick for a night out. But let me tell you a secret – I am so obsessed now that I have been using it day and night. And it’s no surprise, because Guerlain describes it as a floriental fragrance. Fresh. Luminous. Cocooning. It has a fresh and light citrus note of bergamot, lemon and mandarin. The kind of freshness I always unintentionally seek in a perfume. There’s also jasmine Sambac from India combined with orange blossom water absolute. Deep inside, the vanilla from India and Tahiti exalts a delicate sensuality, whereas the overdose of white musk reveals its addictive and cocooning facet.

Fun fact: Since the story behind all the Shalimar fragrances comes from India, I understand why Ron was so hooked up. He’s so keen on Indian spices and Indian cuisine, and now he’s keen on me wearing Shalimar!

Guerlain shalimar perfume
New year prep Denina Martin

Do you have any Guerlain glam beauty favorites you can certainly recommend?


Denina ♥

*In collaboration with Guerlain. All opinions are mine.