I recently received a beautiful PR box named “Follow the path of the stars” from Atelier Cologne & Notino with two of their iconic and bestselling fragrances – Clémentine California and Vanille Insesée. The latter is one I use and own – it’s an unexpected raw vanilla inspired by New York City, a sweet yet somehow woody vanilla. Clémentine California is one I did not possess until now but it’s very interesting, as well. Imagine a walk on the beach under the California sun. I’ve never done that but this sunny fragrance takes my imagination right there. I think that’s the beauty of Atelier Cologne – it takes your imagination to so many different places around the world with just a single spritz.

More about the brand

In 2009 Sylvie Ganter & Christophe Cervasel create Atelier Cologne – the first fragrance house entirely dedicated to cologne. Their idea is to mix the freshness of a clogne with the power of a perfume. They manage to create a unique formula average oil concentration of 18% that offers the same freshness, elegance and transparency of a cologne, but with the long lasting power of a Pure Perfume. The perfumes are 100% made in France, and the collections are inspired by travels around the world with natural ingredients sourced from more than 50 different countries.

What I like about Atelier Cologne is that they are an eco-conscious and responsible brand. They do not use synthetic stabilisers or colorants. Also, they use natural raw materials, and the fragrances are sold in recyclable boxes. Plus, their candles are heavenly good!

Have you ever tried anything from Atelier Cologne?