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I like the color red and many people tell me it looks good on me. Despite this, I still haven’t felt confident enough to wear red more often. And since it is quite trendy this season, I really wanted to find a comfort way to increase its presence in my wardrobe.

It quickly turned out that my favorite way to style red at the moment is in combination with neutrals. I pretty much fancy how it stands out when mixed with beige and tan. It’s a very balanced and sophisticated combo. In fact, this might actually be the only way I will be wearing red this season. Still have no idea whether I would be bold enough to put on a red coat, but only time will show this. Who knows, I might get keen on red monochrome looks. :)

How do you feel about this trend? Would you wear red this season and how would you style it? 

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Coat – United Colors of Benetton in Bulgaria Mall

Trousers – United Colors of Benetton in Bulgaria Mall

Shirt – United Colors of Benetton in Bulgaria Mall

Bag – Furla Metropolis от Week & Shop MDL, Bulgaria Mall

Gloves – United Colors of Benetton in Bulgaria Mall


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