H&M organic silk dress 2018
H&M Conscious Exclusive Denina Martin 2018

Location: Orto Botanico, Palermo, Sicily

What if we could live in a more Conscious world? What if people could be conscious about themselves, about other people, about nature? It is not impossible. It just takes more effort, thoughtfulness and care. Each year H&M proves that fashion can be conscious, and without hurting on aesthetics. Each year the designer team creates some of their most beautiful and intricate pieces ever which also happen to be of recycled materials.

This year the brand releases the 7th edition of H&M Conscious Exclusive collection. It is inspired by the home of the Swedish artists Karin and Carl Larsson. Handcrafted tapestries and needlework made by Karin, her love for their garden and contrasting characteristics of the rooms in Karin and Carl’s home were the key inspirations. They were cleverly translated by the design team into the stunning floral jacquards, abstract embroideries and prints based on specific objects in the house.  

H&M Conscious Exclusive green pendant earings
H&M Conscious Exclusive organic silk dress
H&M Conscious Exclusive organic dress
HM Conscious Exclusive organic silk dress

Like this printed silk dress, which is my absolute favorite from the collection. As every other piece it was inspired by house and features a deep shade of green – just as you see it in the photos. It is made of organic silk, where no pesticides have been used for the mulberries that the silkworms feed on. A dress which is not just elegant and enchanting, but also sustainable. And the earrings! They are just as pretty and are made of recycled plastic and crystal & glass elements.

H&M Conscious Exclusive print dress Denina Martin
Orto botanico temple
Orto botanico palermo sicily
H&M Conscious Exclusive collection
HM organic silk dress
Botanical garden
Botanical garden sicily
Spring bougainvillea
H&M Conscious Exclusive green dress

However, one of the key things about H&M Conscious Exclusive is an absolute innovation. Follow along here, as well as on Instagram and Facebook, because in the next couple of days I will be telling the story of one truly extraordinary dress.

Orto Botanico Palermo

Dress & Earrings – H&M Conscious Exclusive (Online and in selected stores on 19 April)

Bag – H&M

Sandals – H&M


Denina ♥

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