Lilac Building ESPRIT Skirt Pronta bag Spring Outfit

I enjoy experimenting and trying different things. Honestly, I should do it even more often. Little experiments give me freshness. They make my everyday more interesting, which is a key to happy living. I believe going beyond my own stereotype gives me freedom and makes me feel more alive.

I have been a fan of such gold geeky glasses for some time now, but barely had the courage to experiment with a pair. A few days ago I thought it’s time to give them a go. They are different, bold and kind of quirky – but I love that. It was a re-fresh not just for my looks, but for my good mood. Styled with a red headband, it took the experiment a level higher. People over here tend to stare with interest upon such views. But this doesn’t really matter to me. What matters is me feeling great. When such small braveries give me happiness and confidence, everything is perfect. Do this more often. Don’t worry about the passing-by people’s thoughts. What they think really shouldn’t bother you. All that matters is you being happy with yourself. 

City retro Chic Handbag Trend-Embroidered Double Faced Lilac Flowers City retro Chic Denina Martin Double Face Bag Embroidered Modern retro Chic Boho Chic Geeky Glasses Spring Style Blue Skirt Embroidered Bag Geeky Glasses Trend Denina Martin Outfit of the day Spring Summer 2017 Blogger Stylish Spring Outfit Skirt

Wearing: ESPRIT top and skirt / PRONTA bag / H&M glasses, headband and necklace

All of the aforementioned items are available at BULGARIA MALL.

How often would you give experimenting a go? How does it affect your mood and confidence? 


Denina ♥

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