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For the past 2 years I have been sharing occasionally inspiring looks with fashion finds from Bulgaria Mall. I have always found this project a big opportunity. However, recently Bulgaria Mall invited Ron, Alex and I for a even more exciting project.

For about a week already a photo of the three of us revolves around the Internet, on billboards and inside the mall. It’s the first official still from the new image campaign of the mall. It’s inspired by Children’s Day and the upcoming summer season. I’m so excited about this. Been waking up with the thought of this for a while now and I am so grateful for those opportunities. So deeply appreciated, Bulgaria Mall! ♥

Below you can see and read about the photoshooting day itself.

Bulgaria Mall Denina Martin image photoshoot Bulgaria Mall Denina Martin image photoshoot family Bulgaria Mall photoshoot family

On May 3rd I woke up early. I had spent the previous day looking for clothes for the three of us. Apart from being a model in this project, I was also appointed as a stylist. My head was a mess. I was worried whether the selection was good enough. How would Alexander feel? And so much more.

10:00. I was on the road with the team trying not to think how it would go. Sometimes it’s just better to let things happen as they should. At the end of the day, this wasn’t my first project with this team of photographers. I had worked with them for previous image shoots with Yana Marinova and Nikol Stankulova where I was doing the styling. I had trust in them.

Bulgaria mall team

When we arrived, Greta Stefanova was already on the set. She took care of Ron, Alex and I – meaning make up and hair. Meanwhile, Panic Studio was taking care of the decor. Before I realized we were already in action.

The first set was picnic-themed. Everyone’s efforts were focused on keeping Alex happy and entertained. It’s a tough job to work with children. Luckily, my boy truly enjoyed the whole thing. Not that it surprised anyone as he’s growing up around his father’s camera and a blogger mom. :)

Bulgaria Mall Denina Martin image photoshoot family Bulgaria Mall Denina Martin image photoshoot family Bulgaria Mall Denina Martin image photoshoot family Bulgaria Mall photoshoot familyBulgaria Mall decore Look at photo shoots

The second part’s theme was “Going on a holiday”. The fun got serious here. Alex was running, jumping around and kicking a huge donut. The official stills from this set will come out soon, so make sure you follow me  for updates on this.

Bulgaria Mall Denina Martin image photoshoot family Aleks in action Bulgaria Mall Denina Martin image photoshoot scene Bulgaria Mall Denina Martin image photoshoot family Denina Martin

My overall impression? A funny, sunny, successful, and happy day. The result is speaking for itself, I believe. Ron and I are more than happy with the outcome and we owe it to the effort and positive attitude of the whole team, responsible for this project. Thank you! ♥


Look 1: 

Denina: H&M dress & earrings / Pepe Jeans London sandals / United Colors of Benetton hat & scarf /

Ron: Esprit shirt & shorts / Eurooptic sunglasses / LC Waikiki shoes /

Alexander: LC Waikiki trousers, shirt & T-shirt / H&M hat & sandals /

Look 2:

Denina: H&M body, skirt, shoes & sunglasses / Furla scarf & backpack /

Ron: Esprit T-shirt / Pepe Jeans London shorts / LC Waikiki towel / Eurooptic sunglasses /

Alexander: LC Waikiki T-shirt / H&M swim shorts & sunglasses /

All of the aforementioned are available at Bulgaria Mall.

Do you like this new project of ours? :)


Denina ♥

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