Дворец Евксиноград велика България

In the beginning of August we visited the Euxinograd Palace for the first time, located near Varna. It is a cultural heritage from the kings of Bulgaria who lived the 1900s, which somehow is not much known among people. 

Euxinograd Palace is located in a park that stretches to around 800 acres and used to serve as the Summer residence of princes and kinds from the near past of Bulgaria. The building of the palace was initiated by Prince Aleksandar Batenberg I, who fall in love with the area. It is a place of historical significance as it is here that he signed the Decree on the Union of the Principality of Bulgaria with Eastern Rumelia on September 6, 1885. 

However, the project of the Summer residence was later finished by King Ferdinand I. He brought architects from Europe and as a passionate botanist wanted to bring plants from all over the world. And he did! One cannot miss to see this upon walking in the park. More of his botanical heritage can be seen in the near Balchik Palace and Gardens. 

However, I won’t be telling you more as I want you to feel and experience it yourself as it is a truly beautiful and captivating place which I fell in love with, too!


If you want to visit the Euxinograd Place, you can only do so by joining a guided tour. There are 3 tours each day except for Mondays – at 9:00, 11:00 and 15:00 o’clock. To reserve a spot, you need to email euxinograde@government.bg The ticket for adults costs approximately €6, for seniors and children €1.5. You can also call 052/ 393 150 or 052/ 393 140 for more information. 

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Let me know if you visited! I’d love to hear more about your experience!