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Style reflects and should reflect one’s mood. Not just that, it should work towards improving it. That’s why throughout the year I often change my mood for dressing. Sometimes I feel colorful and bright. Sometimes I feel like I want to wear darker tones. Currently, I’m in the mood for earth tones, because that’s exactly how I feel. Grounded and calm. And I also want to be comfortable which means merging with the environment and not standing out too much. It’s been like that for a month already. I have no idea how long it would pass until I get tired with earth tones, but I don’t foresee it ending soon. I do love that bohemian spirit merged with a dose of elegance for this summer.

Share your thoughts. What are you in the mood for at the moment?

Outfit in earth tones Denina Martin
linen trousers saddle bag
Bulgarian influencer Денина Мартин
Bulgarian influencer-and blogger Denina Martin
Earth tones outfit
Bulgarian top blogger wearing esprit
Denina Martin fashion beauty influencer

Trousers, Top & Bag – Esprit at Bulgaria Mall

Shoes – H&M, Bulgaria Mall


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