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Last week we celebrated Purely Me by Denina Martin’s 3rd anniversary. I look back with a smile seeing how much we have changed. I smile upon all the memories we have collected and all the people we have met. I’m grateful for all the disappointments and mistakes that have helped us grow. Honestly, every challenge made me love this adventure more and more and I am so grateful not only for the “roses“, but also for every “thorn” which taught us a lesson.

In addition to sharing my emotions, I also wanted to share some feedback on several Dior products which have been lying in my drawer for a while now, and which I tested last week.

Dior Beauty Makeup Grand Roses Dior Lipstick Blogger Review

Dior Addict Lacquer Stick

This lipstick really fascinated me. At first, the shade Turn Me on Dior startled me a bit, but then it fit so nicely on my lips that I loved it. I really did not expect such a creamy texture with such intense color. The feeling is as if it melts on the lips and keeps them hydrated for quite a long time. Shine is visible, but not too intrusive. Indeed, this is not a product which can work for a perfectly contoured lip because of its balm-like consistency. The result is a saturated color that still looks natural.

Dior Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume Mascara

The new mascara Pump ‘n’ Volume is one I would definitely wear for evening occasions solely. It’s extremely intensive and easy to apply. For the first time, Dior launches a new flexible tube technology, which allows you to gently squeeze the tube into the specified section before opening the cap. Thus, the product is spread over the brush in the necessary quantity. The result is “backstage lashes” in just a single application.

Beauty Blogger Бюти Блогър Денина Мартин Miss Dior Bloom Fragrance Perfume

J’adore InJoy

The new addition to the J’adore family carries the characteristic flavor of the classic scent, but has a more gentle and floral composition. There is a presence of ylang-ylang and peach notes. I have noticed that I like perfumes with white flowers in the base. Probably that’s why I like this one, too. It’s gentle and not as mature as the original.

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming

Bright, fruity and passionate. As a matter of fact, this variation of Miss Dior is a bit intense for me. The aroma is sweet and specific. Red berries, May rose and peonies lie at its base – and are quite concentrated, in my opinion. Undoubtedly, the perfume has a very good longevity.

Dior Makeup British Vogue Grand Roses Dior Beauty Lipstick Fuschia

I have not used many Dior products, but I can also recommend Dior Nude Air Fluid Foundation. It is applied for a few seconds and is extremely lightweight. The only downside for me is the matte finish, as I am a fan of glowy skin. However, I also like the new HydraLIFE face masks. If you are a Dior beauty fan, you should try them out.

edf 2017  edf

Fragrance – Dior J’adore inJoy

Fragrance – Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming

Lipstick – Dior Addict Lacquer Stick (877 Turn Me on Dior)

Mascara – DiorShow Pump ‘n’ Volume (090 Black Pump)

Box of Eternal Roses – Grand Roses

Which is your favorite Dior product? 



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