launch event of Denina Martin Collection

Two days before officially launching Denina Mártin Collection on Oct. 3 we had a pop up event at Bulgaria Mall. The event was publicly opened and everyone could come and take a look at the collection. It was beautifully decorated with flowers inspired by all the colors present in the collection. For me – emotionally, it was a great start of this venture and I am very thankful for the opportunity to host this event in Bulgaria Mall. And for all the people that showed up! It made me so much happy!

About Denina Mártin Collection A/W19

The Autumn/Winter 2019 collection is inspired by the romance of the season’s softest and warmest colors, presented through various geometric prints and motifs. The collection is colorful but at the same time classic enough to remain in your wardrobe for years to come. You can take a look at the collection which is now up online on

Denina and Ron
Denina Martin Collection
Denina Martin her collection
the event of Denina Martin Collection
the event of Denina Martin Collection
Bulgaria Mall team
our Denina Martin Collection event


Denina ♥


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