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After part 1 of all you need to know about Denina Mártin Collection, today I share more answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


Our goal is to produce pieces of high quality so for us this means choosing textiles of high quality. When it comes to type of fabrics, in our first and upcoming collection you will find some raw wool blends, viscose & rayon blends, as well as OEKO-TEX® polyester which means tested for harmful substances and chemicals.
Denina Martin Collection fabrics


Local production – As clarified in our previously, our production is entirely local which minimizes our carbon impact and environmental footprint.

Responsible packaging and labelling – Our goal is to minimize our environmental impact as much as possible. This is why we will use fully recyclable cardboard boxes for transportation purposes instead of PE bags, FSC certified wrapping paper & hanging tags which are also carbon neutral and fully recyclable.

Recycling of leftover materials – When speaking of garment production, no one ever discusses what happens to leftover materials like trimming and cutting waste which is practically unusable. Well, they go to the trash… We believe that those textiles need to go back to the cycle and be recycled, so we’ve committed ourselves to keep and recycle these to local recycling stations.

Boutique feel rather than mass production – We believe that a well-measured quantity control is key to ensuring a reasonable produce and controlling our environmental footprint. This is why Denina Mártin Collection will have a more boutique feel rather than mass fashion. Also we fully distinguish ourselves from any burning and destroying practices of leftover production, which are a common practice in the fashion industry.
DMC goals
Denina Martin Collection quality


We have also set ourselves certain goals when it comes to being an ethical and more responsible brand. Our goal is to start using more sustainable textiles for our garment production, and we are working on making this possible soon. We will continue growing our responsibility towards the environment, as we believe this should be the future of fashion.

Let me know if you have more questions! And don’t forget, we are launching on 3.10. at 11:00. :)


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Congratulations Denina that’s amazing !
xoxo , Sabrine


Thank you, dear! <3

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