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It’s been about a month since I shared about Denina Mártin Collection which is coming on Oct 3, 2019. Ron and I have been working on it a lot throughout this month, and I have been actively sharing information and insights about it to its newsletter subscribers. If you haven’t subscribed yet and want to be among the first know, you can enter your e-mail here.

Denina Martin Collection
Denina Martin Collection colors


For our Autumn/Winter collection inspiration came from the romance of the season’s softest and warmest colors, presented through various geometric prints and motifs. From fine stripes and catchy dots through playful combinations of triangles to classic checks. The collection is colorful but at the same time classic enough to remain in your wardrobe for years to come.

What you can expect color-wise:  rich caramels in variable shades, vanilla tones, and romantic blues.

However, if this isn’t your color palette, don’t worry. We also have a few styles in respectful grays and black-backed romantic prints in stock for you.


The idea is to bring back the feminine dressing values in modern women.

In a fast paced world full of responsibilities many often underestimate the power of feminine dressing. I will invest my energy in bringing those beliefs back. What you can expect is romantic silhouettes, gently defined waists and very wearable styles.

The process of creating Denina Martin Collection


One of our most frequently asked questions is what sizes we will offer. Generally, we will start by offering the sizes from XS to XL, but we are open to extending the range in the future. Let me know what your thoughts are!

Where is Denina Mártin Collection produced and who designs it?

DMC is designed and produced in Europe, more specifically in Sofia, Bulgaria. Having a local production location allows us to keep an eye on the production line so we can bring the best quality possible, as this is one of our main goals.

Denina Mártin Collection is created in accordance to my own vision. We work with a professional modeler for the creation of all models. This only comes to the technical part of creating and adjusting the cut of a garment. The ideas and directions come from me and with a great assistance from Ron. This is valid for the entire concept and theme, including fabric selection and detail adjustments.

And since many of you keep asking – no, DMC is not a collaboration with another brand. No other brands, sponsors or collaborators are involved in the creation of DMC as a brand itself. It’s just Ron and I responsible for all of this.

Made in Bulgaria
Denina Martin

Let me know if you have questions! I would be happy to answer them. :)


Denina ♥




What designer is the white ruffle blouse you are wearing in the last picture?


Здравейте, Денина!
Поздравления за предстоящата Ви колекция, моделите, които видях като подсказка към това, което предстои, изглеждат страхотно, лично аз нямам търпение да облека всички, които успях да видя :) Не знам дали колекцията ще бъде лимитирана, но силно се надявам да успея да си закупя всичко, което ще ми хареса в моя размер. Пожелавам Ви успех в това начинание, което да Ви вдъхнови още повече и да Ви обогати с опит и смелост да продължавате все напред! Дерзайте!


Благодаря Ви от все сърце! Искрено се надявам да откриете нещо подходящо за себе си в колекцията, което да Ви носи истинска наслада и радост, когато го носите! :) Още веднъж благодаря за добропожеланията!

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