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There’s one common question among women: how to get rid of cellulite? Cellulite is a combination of so many factors like hormones, blood circulation, lifestyle and even medication. There’s not a single cause to it, nor a single product to treat it. All women can have it and have it more or less – even underweight women. It has to do with the position of fat cells in the woman’s body which tend to be in thighs, bottom and upper arms where we naturally have a higher density of fat cells. The topic is so vast and complex that a single anti-cellulite product will barely help you to decrease your orange skin issues. So, I have made a list of things that I think help reduce cellulite to a point that you feel confident in your own skin.


Reducing cellulite consists of complex activities and lifestyle changes and staying active is a must. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, walking & swimming have shown me to have the best effect. However, cardio exercises will generally have a good effect. So will doing yoga. Anything that improves the blood and liquid flow in your body. However, weightlifting will make you strong but will only make cellulite more visible if there’s not cardio involved. At least to my personal experience.


The basic idea is that if your body retains water, you cellulite will appear more. With our current lifestyles our lymph often doesn’t flow as effectively, so it needs a boost from time to time. One thing I have tried is dry brushing with quick and small flicks over the skin starting from your feet and going up and focusing on the backs of the knees, inner thighs and below the breastbone, where the lymph nodes are. However, at the moment I am not doing this because I honestly don’t want to ruin my sun tan, but I recently found an alternative that helps even more!

I was invited by a local aesthetic clinic SkinLine to try out their latest LPG procedure which removes cellulite naturally, improves the lymph flow and can even reduce inches from the problematic zones in the body. I have never done this before so I decided to give it a go. I have done just a single treatment which I also call massage because it is as pleasant, and I saw and felt a visible effect. However, I will be sharing more regarding this treatment on my Instagram stories in the course of the treatment.


To get rid of excessive water, one needs to drink more water. This is how the body functions. If it feels there’s an abundance of something, it won’t store it. If it feels there’s lack of water, it will store it. Simple survival mode. However, sugary drinks won’t have the same effect, so try to avoid them. I personally have fresh squeezed juices only and coconut water in addition to plain water.


Generally, it is no secret that healthy food promotes healthy and good looking bodies. Foods rich in salt, sugar and carbs help retain water and boost cellulite’s appearance. However, consuming protein-rich foods may help you reduce your orange skin. In fact, the best combo is enough protein and plenty of water.

Fun fact: Studies show two teaspoons of salt can retain one liter of water in your body’s tissues for up to two days.


Caffeine based products help get rid of cellulite, but my honest opinion is no product can help if you don’t do the things above. However, here are a couple products that I consider good enough, if you still want to try.

If you are doing all of the above, and you still have cellulite, please don’t feel bad about yourself! Love your bodies the way they are, while doing the good things for you. Take care of yourself but don’t pollute your minds with toxic thoughts about yourself. Be kind to your bodies!

And last but not least, if you have something effective to add, please do! :)

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