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A while back, I asked you on my Insta Stories if you have specific question you’d like to ask me, because I was planning a Coffee Talk series with Q&A. Well, here it is. Today’s topic is clear. Your questions – my answers. However, since I have received many and different questions, I picked only a handful of them. Another part of them inspired me into making a devoted Coffee Talk, so follow along. They will be featured in next episodes. :)

As coffee is ordered first, how do you prefer yours? 

I like Espresso Lungo – with no sugar. But if the Coffee Shop offers Americano with hazelnut essence, I’d go for it!

How did you decide to become a influencer? 

Despite the fact I do not enjoy being called an influencer (find out why here), I realise that like it or not, I am, because people are listening to me and watching me. But I never aimed to be an influencer and that’s a topic I covered in the first episode of Coffee Talk. I started in the Summer of 2014. I was 6 months pregnant and after quitting work, I quickly got bored. I owned this domain from before, so started blogging. I knew it was popular, but had no idea that fashion blogging was such a big thing. I blogged until I gave birth to Alex and thought that I won’t be able to keep this up and running. However, I eventually realised that this was my way of unwinding and doing something I was passionate about. So, in a month or so I started blogging again. Step by step it grew. The more opportunities it gave me, the more I ambition I got.

Do you have a degree?

I studied BA (Hons) Public Relations at Bournemouth University. I did not graduate the entire bachelor’s degree, as I got pregnant, having one year left. So I got a “some-higher education” degree, but it’s not a thing I feel ashamed of. I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason, and I feel extremely thankful for the path my life took. Education is important but it does not define people.

What did you do for a living before blogging?

My degree included a 10-month internship, so I was doing this which means a Marketing & PR internship here in Sofia.

Why did you come back from the UK?

I’ll say it straight – I couldn’t handle the weather, the food and literally felt like an alien. I felt like I was judged by anything else but my real self. Many people who live abroad can relate. It’s just felt hard being one of the many expats in a country that would not favor them. And I missed Bulgaria. So, I preferred to come to Sofia, which is not my home city, but still was much friendlier. Interestingly, I started missing the UK just now – 5 years later. But I think occasional visits are better for me than settling down there.

Do you do something else other than blogging?

Blogging has helped me in finding other projects not directly related to the blog. Like translation projects for the fashion industry, creating content for other brands & taking some jobs as a fashion stylist and consultant.

If you weren’t doing what you do now, what would your profession be?

I guess it would be something in Marketing or PR. It’s what I enjoy doing. Or maybe an events and wedding planner – I love that, too!

What camera do you use to take those beautiful photos?

We have been using our Nikon D7100 (D7200 is the newer and better version of it) with 50mm F1.8 lens for the last two years or more. All the photos here, including our travel photos, have been taken with it. I also use my iPhone for Instagram as it takes pretty good photos. However, we have finally made the decision to upgrade to a full frame camera. We were looking into the Sony a7 III, as a compact and yet very good camera, but Ron realised he’s an old-school guy and is not ready to give up the DSLR for a mirrorless camera. So we picked the Nikon D750. It will be our main camera from now on, but I still would love to get another one more compact for travel. Time will show.

What skincare do you use? 

Generally, I like trying new things. I recently wrote about my current beauty regimen here, because it’s something different and very new to me.

What did you do to fix your teeth and achieve this beautiful smile? 

You can read the story here. :)

What do you do with everything you no longer wear or use? 

There are a couple of things I do with items I no longer use or never used. One thing is organizing a sale here on the blog, but it counts for pieces that have been slightly used or never used. If it’s about clothes that have some significant wear and tear, I recycle them at any H&M store. If it’s something I have worn, but is still okay, I donate in the donation boxes in Bulgaria Mall. And of course, I would gift some pieces to friends and family.

How did you find out Ron was your soul mate? 

I think I just felt it. We had many difficulties and obstacles throughout our relationships, which put us in many sad situations too many times, but we fought for it. We learnt by making mistakes, and the more mistakes we made, the more connected we felt. But to be honest, I think destiny had a plan for us, because every time we decided to split our ways, it would manage to gather us in one place. Just like that. Without anyone being aware of such a possibility. So if you are wondering whether your partner is your soul mate, think about the signs. They will show you the way. :)


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Feel free to share your questions or topics you’d love me to cover in the next episodes of Coffee Talk!


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