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I love fashion trends, styling ideas, beauty reviews and all that, but I always wanted to lead deeper discussions here. So, I came up with an idea of keeping a new rubric called Coffee Talk, where I discuss certain issues, or give you food for thought over a cup of coffee. In today’s first Coffee Talk I discuss the following question – am I an influencer? 

It’s been 4 years since I took this journey with Ron. We started the website out of a joke and being bored to grow this blog into our passion and eventually work. However, the more time passes, the more often I get labeled as an influencer locally or as a micro-influencer on a more global scale. That prompted me to question this and think about it.

Truth is, I dislike being labelled as an influencer. Not that I get offended or something. I realise it’s a collective term of people with a social influence, but wouldn’t like to consider myself as one for so many reasons.

An influencer is a rather fashionable word which recently became too popular. According to the Cambridge Dictionary it represents someone who affects or changes the way that other people behave, for example through their use of social media. And this is totally okay if it comes naturally, and if you happen to really deserve this tag. But honestly – the real life meaning of it sounds a little bit insincere to me. People wake up in the morning and decide – hey I want to be an influencer! And  they self-proclaim as ones, because they want to be popular, to lead the “crowd” and get paid for it. And they would do anything that will give them fame, even pretending to be someone they are not.

Others would want to make money by teaching tips and tricks on how to become an influencer without themselves being influential or at least full of meaning. But they have their market, as so many people would like to change their job title to influencer. That entire abuse of the word is kind of repulsive to me and yet another reason to not like it.

In fact, the more I get into the real-life meaning of the word influencer, the more I want to keep aside. Sometimes I would even question what’s the point of doing this all – being online and posting content, when there are so many people doing it. According to unofficial data – over 1 million of them. But then I remind myself – the point is expressing myself as I am and building a community of likeminded people. I have had the chance to communicate with many of you. Some I spoke to face to face, others through the use of online outlets. And it makes me so happy meeting people with values and positive minds! That’s what excites and motivates me the most.

Freywille blogger wearing vincent van Gogh
Freywille Vincent van Gogh jewelry

So how would I define myself then?

As of today I would maybe define myself as a “content creator“. That’s what Ron and I have been given the opportunity to do within the blog and outside it. But going back to where we started, I always wanted to be an “inspirer”. To share my vision, my experiences and my beliefs. To hopefully motivate you into dressing well and colorfully, using the good products, visiting the beautiful places and living a life with a smile on your face. That’s exactly what I want to be today, too. An inspirer.

In fact, for that 4th birthday of Purely Me by Denina Martin, which was in late July, Ron and I wished ourselves dozens of inspirations to share with you. Like the one we are sharing today – wearing my favorite and ever-inspiring jewellery brand FREYWILLE and it’s new collection Hommage á Vincent Van Gogh. ♥

Thank you for following along! We are truly grateful for your trust and appreciation! :)

Hommage Vincent van gohg frewille
ring Diva frewille favorite collection

Jewelleries – FREYWILLE Hommage á Vincent Van Gogh

Top – ZARA (old)

Trousers – NA-KD

Bag – Michael Kors (Similar)


Denina ♥