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What is the quickest way to transport yourself to L.A. and feel its vibe, without actually being there? Wear one of its iconic brands. In its most part, Guess has been a symbolic brand for the City of Angels, embodying its young, adventurous and sexy spirit. And while it does not sell my go-to type of clothing, I do happen to find some really nice pieces to match my taste. Like this lace dress and this denim jacket with Beverly Hills detail on the back. Very L.A. style. Also this combo here I wore not so long ago – another favorite of mine.

What would you wear that feels very much like the City of Angels and gives you those L.A. vibes?

LA style blogger Denina Martin
Los Angeles style babe
Dream of californication
LA blue sky clouds
Winona floral print dress
Beverly Hills jaket
Guess floral print dress

Dress – Guess at Bulgaria Mall

Jacket – Guess at Bulgaria Mall

Bracelets – Pronta at Bulgaria Mall

Sunglasses – Pronta at Bulgaria Mall


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