Time goes by so quickly. 2024 came in a blink of an eye. We welcomed it at our home in Sofia with my family and friends that we invited over. It was a nice evening which set the start of a new chapter or as I like to call it – a new blank page of a story we’ve been writing all our lives.

To sum it up, I had a very dynamic and eventful year. For which I’m beyond grateful. I had my favorite people around me and felt loved and appreciated. It wasn’t all easy but it was beautiful. And I can’t help but wonder if this coming year we’ll be just as good to me as the previous one. Whatever it has in store, I am sure of one thing. I have become a different person and I am not falling for resolutions any more. I am who I am. I give my best to become a better version of myself, but I no longer give promises that I won’t keep. I have found acceptance. And in that acceptance, I have found love. The greatest of all – the one where I am happy with the person I am and I’m not trying to be someone else. That’s also the greatest gift and my only goal is to keep it that way.

However, there’s one thing I really wish to do this year – and it’s to find more time for this blog. Reflecting on this past year, I can also say that I wasn’t very much on track with keeping it up the way I wanted to. I am not sure if it was about me finding time, or the fact that people don’t have time to read blogs anymore. However, I found out there are people who still love to read blogs and seek ideas. People who, in fact, appreciate and value my vision. At the very end of 2023 I received an email from a woman, which made me believe in that and I will try to be more active on this platform and share more. I won’t make promises, but I will try. :)

Cheers to the journey that lies ahead! I hope you and I will have a great 2024 to reflect onto in twelve months from now. :)

Outfit details:

Dress (Denina Mártin Collection Spring 23)



Earrings (Vintage YSL)