♦ 1 ♦ 2 ♦ 3 ♦ 4 ♦ 5 ♦ Fluttery and pretty – that’s what butterflies are. And with all the blooms in springtime, they make their return. This Spring/Summer 2018, they appear to be a rather visible element in trends. I first saw those beautiful creatures during the SS18 Moschino fashion show in Milan, and after this they started appearing … Continue Reading


Last day of February. The month I like the least. Been waiting for its end since day one. It always gets me moody, but not on its last day. Cosied up at Soho Cafe, I look back. Honestly, February wasn’t as bad. It did go very quickly. Ron and I faced some not-so-pleasant challenges, but … Continue Reading


Location: Captain Cook Fish & Beef Restaurant, Sofia Ron and I rarely have the chance to go out on a dinner, meaning just the two of us. Those of you who have children will understand how things get more complicated. But, we do enjoy lunches together. They often take me back to the times when … Continue Reading

Poésie d’amour

Location: Terra Residence, Sofia Two years ago I had the enormous luck to meet Annie – a wonderful person who introduced me to the world of FREYWILLE and their artworks. This is when I fell in love with those jewelleries. And so up to this day. Collection after collection, I’m always “stunned” by their creations. … Continue Reading


Two weeks ago we took a walk to Vrana Palace. We do it often as it’s a favorite place of ours. Coolish, peaceful and distant from the noise. Interestingly, we have been there so many times, but somehow have missed the Royal Greenhouse. On this sunny hot day, we saw it – nestled sideways and hiding … Continue Reading


It’s July. As soon as you make a step out of the city, you encounter fields, painted in yellow. Fields which seem to  be worshiping their master – the Sun. Yes, those sunflower fields are beyond beautiful. Symbolic of the romantic and burning summer. Symbolic of freedom and light-heartedness. They remind how much more beautiful … Continue Reading