On a casual Sunday morning I decided to share with you a short photo diary from our mornings at Nefeli Villas & Suites. Breakfast just a few meters away from the sea and a large green field to play and relax. We keep some beautiful memories from there! And mainly because we were enjoying all … Continue Reading


Location: 5 Steps in the Sand, Sykia, Halkidiki, Greece Going back to early June. We spent over a week at Halkidiki. One of the places we visited for the first time – 5 Steps in the Sand. The same 5 steps, which my friend told me about before we took off. 5 Steps in the … Continue Reading


After a long weekend spent around pretty mountain views, we are back to the big city life. For the first time since ages I had days off without doing any work. It’s odd as I usually would work when I have things to do – till 2 or 3 a.m., on Saturdays and Sundays. No matter if it’s meant … Continue Reading


Ron and I have been together for ages, but we barely enjoy time just for ourselves. This has been so since Alex’s birth, as you might assume. So, when we go for a kid-free lunch we joke and call it a date lunch, because it feels like a date. Just the two of us enjoying … Continue Reading


We spent the last few days up in the mountain. This is the only place where I would really, really enjoy snow. The only place I feel good being dressed up in layers of warm clothes. The place that reminds me how beautiful and relaxing silence can be. And Ron, Alex and I were lucky … Continue Reading


Going out isn’t my thing really since Alex’s birth. Not that I don’t want to. I just don’t have the chance. So, when it happens, I tend to be quite picky. SASA Asian Pub is one of the current hot spots in Sofia, organizing some nice DJ parties. What I love about this is the … Continue Reading