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Blue bell wood Bomb cosmetics

I have only heard of BOMB Cosmetics but never tried them. Now that I got my hands on a few favorites, I decided to share with you my experience and thoughts.
BOMB Cosmetics is a UK brand producing high quality natural and hand-made beauty products, soaps and candles. They can barely remain unnoticed as they resemble real colorful candies! Cupcakes, biscuits, fruity creams, chocolates – it’s a whole sweets factory! And it smells like one! I really can’t describe how good these smell. And considering the fact that, first, they contain essential oils, second, they are 100% Vegan friendly, and third, they are never ever tested on animals – BOMB Cosmetics looks like the perfect last minute gift idea for Christmas.

Bomb cosmetics Blue bell wood Bomb cosmetics

The Choc Around the Clock Brulee – It’s a bath melt, which I still haven’t had the chance to use personally, but will shortly.  It contains Patchouli and Vertiver essential oils, and is designed to pamper and moisturise parched skin with lashings of Cocoa Butter. The fragrance is beyond tempting – dark cacao and caramelised sugar over a creamy base.

The Piped Candle – It looks like a creamy dessert, and it smells like one. This piped candle is handmade and looks like whipped cream decorated by an experienced confectioner. BOMB have handcrafted it, using the best ingredients with pure Ylang Ylang & Geranium essential oils. The result is a candy-world perfection.

Bomb cosmetics yellow Bomb cosmetics

The Flower Girl Shampoo Bar – This is the first time I use a shampoo bar to wash my hair, and must say it was quite nice. Basically, you only need to wet your hair as normal, rub the shampoo bar in the palm of your hand until a soft lather is formed. To be honest I rubbed it straight in my hair which was easier for me. The fragrance of this one is very sensual floral/fruity with top notes of Blackcurrant and Blood Orange, a Ginger Blossom and Freesia heart, and a musky vanilla heart.

The Summer Honey Massage Bar – This massage bar is used to relax the body and nourish it deeply during massage. Just hold it in your hand for a short while and allow it to melt slightly, as it melts at body temperature. The fragrance is extremely appealing and relaxing. However, since we don’t have much time for massaging, I also use it as a body oil to nourish my skin as it gets very dry in winter. I started using it under the shower just before I go out, and since then my skin feels very soft and balanced.

BOMB Cosmetics is available at Debenhams in Bulgaria Mall. 

Have you ever tried BOMB Cosmetics? What’s your favorite product? Any recommendations for me to try?


Denina ♥

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